“Freedom-killing monster”.  In Italy, the illegal crackdown is criticized  Italy

“Freedom-killing monster”. In Italy, the illegal crackdown is criticized Italy

“Freedom-killing monster”. In Italy, the illegal crackdown is criticized Italy

A law passed by the government of Giorgia Maloney, which punishes the organizers of illegal raves with heavy prison terms, has been widely criticized in Italy, with one opponent describing the measure as a “freedom-killing monster”.

A three-day Halloween party in Modena prompted the swift passage of legislation that would punish organizers or promoters of gatherings that endanger public order or safety with three to six years in prison and fines of €1,000. up to 10,000 euros. Penalties for those who engage in what the ordinance describes as “trespassing” were not specified, but they will be less severe.

The law applies to gatherings of 50 or more people that “arbitrarily trespass on other people’s land or buildings,” raising fears that it would give authorities a chance to crack down on peaceful demonstrations.

Getting tough on ravers was the Maloney brothers’ campaign policy Italya party with neo-fascist roots and its far-right coalition partner the League, led by Deputy Prime Minister Matteo Salvini.

Fourteen youths, including a Dutch national, are under investigation after Interior Minister Matteo Piantedos ordered the expulsion of more than 3,000 revelers on Sunday after an illegal rave at an abandoned warehouse on the outskirts of Emilia. Modena, Romania. The event was organized through social networks, attracting participants from abroad.

During his first press conference as prime minister on Monday, Maloney referred to the six-day rampage in the Viterbo area of ​​Lazio last summer that left one person dead.

“We’re no different than any other European nation by rave rules,” he said. “When there was the famous Viterbo delirium, it struck me that the thousands who had arrived in Italy to wreak havoc came from everywhere; Europe because in recent years the impression of Italy has been one of weakness in terms of respect for the rules. Now Italy is no longer a nation where you can commit a crime. there are rules and they are followed.’

But the tough move has been criticized by opposition politicians, unions and Amnesty International Italia.

Enrico Letta, leader of the center-left Democratic Party, said it was a “serious mistake” that “puts the freedom of citizens at risk”, while Giuseppe Conte, who leads the Five Star Movement, described it as “horrific” and : someone from a “police state”.

Riccardo Maggi, president of the small left-wing “Europe Best” party, described the law as a “Putin smell”.

Democratic Party politician Alessandro Zahn said the measure was an attack on Article 17 of Italy’s constitution, which gives citizens “the right to assemble peacefully and without weapons.”

“The Maloney government has confirmed that if 51 come together, they risk up to six years in prison,” Zahn said. “Their first act is a freedom-killing monster…delusions are just an excuse; the goal is to suppress demonstrations in schools, universities and squares.”

Vinicio Nardo, president of the Milan Bar Association, also said the law put Article 17 at risk, while Amnesty International Italia said:

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