Future Soldiers – What Can You Bring to Basic Training?

Future Soldiers – What Can You Bring to Basic Training?

Future Soldiers – What Can You Bring to Basic Training?

The most common question recruits ask today is “What can you bring to basic training?” There are several things that you can pack for boot camp, but you don’t want to forget these items, such as sneakers, cell phone, stationery, debit card, cash, and also civilian clothes. Ultimately, you want to have the best possible experience with the least amount of hassle in basic training. Here are some of the few things you can take with you to boot camp.

Sneakers. You can bring your own running shoes. You may wear your running (tennis) shoes, but your sergeants will decide whether or not they will allow you to wear them. Some drill sergeants will make you buy the shoes they sell at reception. It depends on where you go for training and some sergeants allow soldiers to wear their own shoes and they don’t have to buy them.

Mobile phones. You may carry your own cell phone, but it is at the sergeant’s discretion whether you will receive any phone privileges (cell phone or phone booth). You can keep your mobile phone during admission but once you are in the main stage you will have to hand it over to the sergeants. You won’t get them back until you start the white phase or any other Sunday.

Stationary consumables. You can bring your own stationery such as paper, envelopes and stamps or you can buy them while you are in basic training. You have the freedom to write letters every night and send them to a family or friend every day. You will need to do 10 push-ups for each letter you receive during a mail call that is worth it.

Debit card. It is highly recommended that you carry your own debit card linked to your account. You will need to recharge later for personal hygiene and withdraw money from the ATM to pay for a PX haircut. Some things are not free in tuition and sometimes you will need to reach into your pocket to pay for the basics, such as a haircut or if you want to buy a class yearbook.

Address book. Carry an address book that lists your family members and close relatives. It is very important to have someone’s mailing address so you can send letters and add them to your life insurance, emergency contact, and beneficiary when you are in process during the adoption battalion.

Cash. Bring a few extra dollars, but no more than $50 dollars. You may never know what might happen on your trip to boot camp. You may need to take a taxi or buy something to eat.

Civilian clothing. Carry the clothes on your back because on the first day you arrive at the reception battalion, the army will issue you with a lot of uniforms and equipment. You will wear your PT or ACU uniform. You are no longer allowed to wear your civilian clothes and must dress according to the uniform of the day.

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