Garden State and MLM

Garden State and MLM

I don’t know if you’ve ever seen the movie Garden State. There is one scene in particular that hits me right in the gut every time I watch it. Zach Braff’s character, Andrew Largeman, meets an old acquaintance from high school, Carl, who works at the hardware store.

Soon after they hit it off, Carl starts pitching Largeman and his girlfriend in the middle of the store. Carl was throwing in this REALLY brash way that is not only annoying but off-putting. “Why are losers always involved in pyramid schemes?” commented one person. That really hurts!

Although you may never have seen this movie, I know you have experienced this first hand as the pitcher or the one being thrown.

I have. I was that pitcher. The man people run from.

I was taught by my upline at the time to “leave no men behind.” Everyone is a potential recruit, so I hired everyone. Forget about self-promotion, about dignity, about reason. Just go out and hire.

My business never took off. I was lucky enough to hire a few close friends and my business grew by a few, but I never made any real money.

I had to supplement my living expenses with a part-time job in Togo. By this time I was already throwing myself over the meat counter. IT IS NOT A JOKE.

I gained some insight from this experience. People didn’t join my business because it was rude or cut throat. I would say that people in the mortgage industry or Wall Street are just as, if not more, harsh and ruthless than people in the network marketing industry. How is it that their profession seems so much more “high class”?

The main reason people don’t join my business is because of ME. I didn’t want to admit it, but they didn’t want to live like me, going around town recruiting at the mall.

They see that I followed a system that failed many others before me, but I didn’t have the courage to go against the system. They see that I was a sheep among wolves, waiting to be devoured.

Well, long story short, I learned to be a wolf. I learned to stop bashing the juice, the business, and started branding myself. I know I have gained enough knowledge and know-how to make someone new to this industry avoid all the pitfalls of traditional MLM.

The formula for success is simple: an attraction marketing system and a good lead funnel. The leaders in your company know this. They are almost in a state of constant lead generation in their business. Whatever they do, people listen because they are encouraged by their downline, by their sidelines, even those in another company, because they have a brand that stands out from the company they represent.

Don’t be like Carl who offers opportunities everywhere he goes. Build a lead funnel using an attraction marketing system so that QUALIFIED recruits look to you for guidance and sponsorship. There are several ready-made lead generation funnels already set up for you online, and you really don’t need to be tech-savvy to take advantage of them.

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