Getting Started In Internet Marketing: Five Quick Affiliate Program Checks

Getting Started In Internet Marketing: Five Quick Affiliate Program Checks

Once we found an affiliate program that fits our long-term plan, with a company committed to the promotion for several years, it has a good payout that is proportional to the sale and follow-up sales. You should have a number of related offers that also meet the same criteria that you can offer your prospective customers after capturing their information.

The next step after all your research is to check the offer’s landing page and the sales machine behind it. This can be done by doing five simple checks; they won’t cover the really fine details, but highlight the most obvious things that are preventing you from getting paid for the sale.

1. The first thing you should look for on the landing page of the offer you are advertising is a freephone or 0800 number. After spending a lot of time, money and effort to get the customer to the sales page, they call that number, bypassing the shopping cart. You don’t get credit for the sale.

2. Look for a box for special offers, this is not always the case, but some unscrupulous companies use this box to avoid paying affiliates. If a customer you sent to the site chooses this option, they bypass the shopping cart and you won’t get paid for the sale.

3. Actually test the shopping cart to see if it works, do this regularly as many affiliate sales are lost this way. Just because you’re on the ball doesn’t mean the company’s unemployed employee can’t do what they’re supposed to. They still get their check, but you lose out on the sale.

4. Become a mystery shopper and call them. See how they respond and what level of customer service is provided. Troubled sales and poor customer support will cost you conversions, so be sure to check.

5. If the company has their phone number on the landing page, are you still credited for the sale? Alternatively, if a customer abandons the shopping cart before completion, the company contacts them soon after and attempts to convert the sale. Are you still getting the credit for this sale?

If you still have questions and can’t find answers to them, especially in the areas of follow-up and cart abandonment, then contact the company’s affiliate manager directly and find out. Remember that you are promoting their product and creating revenue for that company, they should be pushing themselves to make more sales and convert any leads sent to them as it is in your best interest to do so. Your inquiry is important, if you do not receive a response, please look for another product to advertise immediately. When starting internet marketing, these things are overlooked and people are unaware of many undesirable practices. These points should be taught as internet marketing basics to any internet marketing beginner and if you are going to learn internet marketing in a course, make sure it includes an in-depth section covering this area.

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