Going green with a sailing charter yacht

Going green with a sailing charter yacht

Nowadays, when people try to choose a new vacation spot, they are usually concerned about the environment and try to find ways to be environmentally friendly and ensure their contact with nature.

One of the greenest vacation choices is sailing around a group of islands, such as the Cyclades.

Sailing allows tourists to really enjoy the sea, the sun and the wind. They also have the opportunity to live in paradise on earth. At the same time, sailing is definitely a green way to travel and have fun. Remember, you’re traveling with the help of the wind (no carbon emissions or energy loss); you can enjoy the natural beauties you come to during your journey; enjoy the crystal waters or other activities, such as hiking, diving, fishing, free and more, they are not harmful to the environment. At the end of the day, you will feel the sea breeze, an incomparable feeling of freedom and relaxation in the middle of summer. Remember that on a sailboat you don’t need to use air conditioning (which is quite bad for the environment). All of the above is enough to ensure an enjoyable sailing vacation thanks to your “clean” attitude.

Also, if you’re really sensitive to the environment, there’s a lot you can do to prove you’re true to your word.

Keep in mind that all our activities have an impact on the environment, so try to reduce your own impact by sailing.

The first priority of the eco-conscious sailor is respect for nature. This means that you should try to be part of the landscape and the local way of life. In other words, you should travel as a friend, not as an invader.

It goes without saying that you don’t want facilities and products that are unaffordable and incompatible with the natural landscape and reality of any island you visit. Do a variety of outdoor activities that allow you to enjoy the destination and keep you fit.

Being outdoors and experimenting with kayaks, sailboats, windsurf boards, kite boards, snorkeling equipment, floating mats, hiking, or just wandering around will save you from wasting energy and other resources often needed for indoor activities . It will also ensure that you can see the destination first hand and feel part of the local experience. Also, while diving or snorkeling, be very careful not to touch and destroy parts of the marine life.

Also, try to reduce the amount of waste you produce and make sure you don’t leave any trash behind before you leave an island. Avoid using plastics on board, opt for reusable shopping bags for your supplies and recycle whenever possible.

For your provisions, choose local groceries where you can find traditional products, in harmony with the history of the place you have just visited. People who produce cheese, wine, fruit, etc. do not pollute their land and water; they don’t use pesticides and don’t go overboard with packaging. Visiting farmers markets and local grocery stores can help support local residents while reducing your own environmental impact.

Never throw trash, including food, overboard. Fish and other marine life cannot digest our food properly. Human food alters their natural feeding behavior as well as the nutrient balance of the reef and disrupts the natural predator-prey interaction.

In conclusion, there is no better way to feel free, enjoy nature and relax than on a sailing holiday. An ideal choice that allows you to visit many islands that are in close proximity between them and feel like a modern Adam or Eve in a paradise of turquoise water, calm beaches and secluded shopping. Perfect vacations, eco-friendly, planned for responsible people who want to preserve the environment for future generations to enjoy. Rent a sailboat and make your green dream come true.

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