Grounding and ungrounding effects of the arts on people with learning disabilities

Grounding and ungrounding effects of the arts on people with learning disabilities

People with learning disabilities are highly visual, creative and often very artistic. Likewise, many artists find learning difficult. Therefore, increased artistic abilities and creativity can be a huge advantage when we want to eradicate learning difficulties. But sometimes the same abilities can also be a disadvantage. Because highly creative people and artists are often ungrounded, a lack of grounding contributes to learning disabilities. So here are some grounding and ungrounding effects of the arts on people with learning disabilities:

Arts and entertainment activities with an unreasonable effect on people with learning disabilities:





viewing paintings, paintings, photographs

music genres: dance, disco, trance, hip-hop, rap, RnB

some 20th century classical music compositions

extreme/adventure sports

I dance



Arts and recreational activities with a grounding effect on people with learning disabilities:



knitting, embroidery, sewing

playing a musical instrument


music genres: classical, country, house

eras of classical music: baroque and classicism

Martial Arts


tai chi


The good thing is that if you are often ungrounded and want to practice grounding until it becomes part of your blood, you can choose an artistic activity with a grounding effect. Regular participation in it will kill two birds with one stone – you will enjoy the artistic activity and will certainly become much healthier over time.

And finally…

Here’s more about grounding and learning disabilities. Anyone with or without learning disabilities can greatly benefit from grounding. Performers can use grounding to tame stage fright before and during a performance. I was a classical concert pianist before I became an NLP coach. If I had known about grounding back then, I would have had so much more fun on stage!

How you can ground yourself and also grounding exercises not only for people who find learning difficult can be found on my official site. People who practice dance, sports, yoga, martial arts, etc. will find them more familiar and therefore easier to learn. Of course, I’m always here to help you. After all, helping you find the best ways for you is what a coach does. Whether you’re an artist or other professional, and whether you find learning difficult or not, you can definitely benefit from health, career, money, relationship and success coaching. These 5 aspects of life are much more closely related than it often seems, and when we have a problem in one aspect, we will feel the problem in the other 4 aspects. Everything in life is connected. NLP coaching reveals the connections.

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