Guidance from the Torah: How can it be, a child who has not sinned, a child taken away from the world?

Guidance from the Torah: How can it be, a child who has not sinned, a child taken away from the world?

Torah Guidelines: How can a child who has not sinned, suffering from a deadly disease (God forbid); a child taken from the world?

A possible understanding is because he needed to correct something specific from a previous incarnation and when he completed this (‘tikun’) he returned to his abode in the upper world. Those souls (“neshamos”) who return to this world have committed very few sins in a previous incarnation. Those who are totally wicked are judged in “Kaf Haqela” (a place reserved for someone who does not deserve to enter hell, and this is the greatest punishment). Therefore, one must be extremely careful not to sin again.

Physically and/or mentally challenged children are exalted souls

which should correct something very specific in this world. Now it is known from above that if they have to be “like everyone else,” they tend to sin even more. It is because of this that their steps are limited. Unfortunately, not long after, they return to their high place.

Chazon Ish was used to standing when a mentally retarded child entered, thanks to the power of his exalted soul.

One does not know for sure what one was like in a previous incarnation [1] (except someone like the Arizal Hakadosh, etc.) This needs an explanation. If the purpose of the incarnation is to correct something, why does he not know? The answer to this is one of the great principles in faith (faith in God). God rules His world with rewards and punishments. If a man could only he did good, why should there be a reward… he cannot have done bad; alternatively if you could only he did bad, why should he be punished, he could not do good!

He is given free choice. Why? Based on this, it is judged whether he does good or evil. If he knew for sure what he was in a previous incarnation (unless he’s a masochist, etc.), of course he’s going to make the “right” decision – he’s forced to. God doesn’t want that. God gives man free choice based on his own faithwhich is the correct action and there should also be an element to i think otherwise too. God wants man to choose the right thing, the good, because that is who He is on Master of loving kindness and wants to reward man. However, if a person examines his specific difficulties, his weaknesses, areas that he is more exposed to than others, it is very likely that this is what he needs to correct.

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