Hidden secrets of the subconscious

Hidden secrets of the subconscious

Let’s talk about the subconscious and how things from your past can affect you now. It is beyond negative and limiting beliefs. After conducting several sessions with people and teaching healing workshops, I noticed that certain parts of our lives took over consciously. These “conscious” forms can become dangerous to ourselves as they embody all the trials and tribulations we have experienced in this life.

For example: If you had a troubled childhood, then that part of you that holds the memories and emotions of the events will take on its form or life. This brings newness to the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčinner working with children, as what we do in private sessions is to remove this awareness of your troubled childhood.

True living consciousness doesn’t just stick to childhood, it also sticks to your teenage years, young adult life, and any other part of you where you can make the statement “that was the old me” or “I’m not like that anymore.”

It is amazing what is discovered after working with Light energy because this is the way these forms of consciousness have been exposed. Working with light energy and developing the light bodies (which is the blueprint for our divinity) gets to the root of things. It goes deeper than what is blocked and stored in our meridians, chakras and aura. It is that part of you that exists in the present, past and future at the same time! Everything is through consciousness.

As I work with my clients, as they recall events from their lives, there is always a conscious shift that occurs as they retell the events. We often “tap” the thymus gland to bring them back to the present moment and out of the conscious memory they just recalled. Likewise, the energy shift and evolution of humanity is something that happens in the subconscious. We exist on different levels of existence (heavens) through the subconscious. As you clear emotional blocks (which are simply stagnant energy), you naturally begin to grow more into your divine self. In other words, you become more consciously aware and merge with that level of consciousness.

You have multiple Higher Selves (not one) that exist on every plane of existence and each of them possesses a level of consciousness. As you do light bodywork, you merge with these higher levels of consciousness that move you away from human thinking and back to Light Intelligence and God Consciousness (a/k/a Christ Consciousness). It is the removal of the illusion of separation between you and God. In this state of mind all things are one and you know it and feel it.

Weekly Exercise:

Focus on your heart, visualize pink or pink as you inhale. See the breath spiral into your heart. As you exhale, see how that breath moves through your entire body. Do this for 10 to 15 minutes a day.

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