Hiring an SEO Writer

Hiring an SEO Writer

Google’s algorithm is all about content. If you’re designing a new website, or even if you have an existing site, now is a good time to update your content. Unique, high-quality content is paramount. This is what all search engines are looking for. This means that you probably shouldn’t outsource web content writing to an intern. It has to be great, and that means using a good, professional writer.

How do you hire a writer? Start by writing an ad as you would for a job opportunity and post it on craigslist.com or a local job posting site if you’re looking to hire locally. But in this technological age, you can choose a wider range of writers, in that case, publish on elance.com or guru.com.

When you start getting offers for the job, you’ll start screening candidates. You may get offers that say they will charge $5-$10 per page, if you get them RUN! No professional writer worth his salt would charge that low. Don’t choose a writer based on price, you may regret it. You don’t want to deal with low quality work, potential plagiarism and unprofessionalism. Writers are professionals, please treat them with respect. Find someone with experience, at least 2 years of professional writing. View samples of their work, get recommendations, and find a writer who’s right for the project. Don’t try to cut costs by hiring a foreign writer. If English is not their first language, they may struggle to create content that will be the quality you are looking for.

Once you’ve chosen a writer, create a written agreement and ask the writer to sign the terms before paying a deposit. Professional writers ask for a deposit, usually 25-50% down, and they should have no problem signing the agreement before they receive the deposit.

When the agreement is signed and the deposit paid, stay in communication with your author. If they need additional information, provide it immediately. If you have agreed to installment payments, be sure to pay them on time. If you have concerns about the originality of the work, you can check it for free through copscape.com to check for plagiarism. You don’t want to have plagiarized material on your site. In addition to the possibility of being banned from Google, there may be legal consequences. Make sure the content is unique!

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