History and origins of the Day Spa – where did it come from and why?

History and origins of the Day Spa – where did it come from and why?

The term spa comes from a town in Belgium called Spa. In the Middle Ages, iron deficiency was cured by drinking spring water containing iron or potassium. The mineral springs in Spa, Belgium are famous for the origin of the term “spa”. Since then, the word spa has been considered any place that has a mineral or healing spring.

“Spa” is also from the word meaning “soda fountain” in eastern New England. Perhaps because it was a hint of the “mineral” or sparkling water that is the main ingredient of many sodas.

It is also thought to mean “fountain” in Walloon or “to sprinkle, moisten or scatter” in Latin. It is also said that the term spa is from the acronym “Sanitas Per Aquam” or “Salus Per Aquam” meaning health through water.

Since then, spas have been known as resorts or institutions that have therapeutic baths. It is now considered a spa resort, a health facility, a modern resort or hotel, and/or a relaxation or invigorating bath, which usually includes a device that raises or swirls the water.

Catherine Atzen coined the term “day spa” in 1980. This was done upon her arrival in France from the United States. However, some say Burke Williams of San Francisco claims to have coined the term. In 2007, it was said that a Day Spa Consortium was made to determine the person who really deserves to run this point of contention.

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