Homosexuality is ‘harm in the mind’ – DW – 11/08/2022

Homosexuality is ‘harm in the mind’ – DW – 11/08/2022

Homosexuality is ‘harm in the mind’ – DW – 11/08/2022

Days after Qatar’s foreign minister said all people would be welcome in his country soon Men’s World Cupincluding members of the LGBTQ community, its World Cup ambassador described homosexuality as “damage to the mind”, “spiritual damage” and ultimately “haram”, meaning a sin, in the Muslim-majority emirate.

Former Qatar national player, now Emirates World Cup ambassador, Khalid Salman said in a documentary aired on German public broadcaster ZDF on Tuesday that he has problems with children seeing gay men and women because they then learn something they shouldn’t. .

Journalist Jochen Breuer, left, talks to Qatar World Cup Ambassador Khalid Salman
Qatar’s World Cup ambassador, former national player Khalid Salman (right), talks to sports journalist Jochen Breuer in a documentary on German TV station ZDF.Image: Mateusz Smolka / ZDF

“I’m not a strict Muslim,” he said, “but why is it haram? It’s spiritual harm.”

Excerpts from a documentary by German sports journalist and broadcaster Jochen Breuer, titled “Geheimsache Katar” or “Secret Affairs Qatar,” were previewed by ZDF in its Monday news bulletin.

In the footage released, a press officer for Qatar’s World Cup organizing committee, who accompanied the ZDF team on the video shoot, ended the interview just after Salman called homosexuality “mind damage”.

In another part, Salman said: “A lot will come to the country during the World Cup. Let’s talk about gays for example. The most important thing is that everyone accepts that they are coming here. But they will have to. accept our rules.”

In Qatar, homosexuality is prohibited in public places and is punishable by up to seven years in prison. The captains of several European countries participating in the World Cup, including Germany, France and England, plan to wear rainbow armbands during their matches as part of an anti-discrimination campaign.

Qatar has also been criticized for its human rights record and attitude foreign workers. Fans at stadiums across Germany waved banners over the weekend calling for a boycott of the event, including on television.

Germany’s Interior Minister Nancy Feiser has said she will attend the World Cup after Qatar’s prime minister secured a “security guarantee” for LGBTQ fans. Feiser previously said Qatar’s hosting of the World Cup was “very difficult” from Berlin’s perspective, prompting Doha to summon the German ambassador. accusations of “double standards” and “racism”.

FIFA, which awards the World Cup tournament to different countries every four years, has stressed that all fans are welcome to attend the World Cup in Qatar, as is Qatar’s organizing committee. The emir of the Persian Gulf country, Tamim bin Hamad al-Thani, also recently said that respect for “our culture” is expected.

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