Horse Racing Secret Systems – Betting Tips You Take to the Bank

Horse Racing Secret Systems – Betting Tips You Take to the Bank

Let’s face it, making money betting on horses is hard. Trying to beat the bookies is a scam, they collect all the betting money from the bettors and then drop the odds from the card seconds before the race starts, leaving you and every other bettor out there “hanging out to dry” even if you pick the winner. However, there are still so many proven ways to make consistent profits with the right horse racing betting system.

The truth is that 95% of all bettors do not make any profits consistently. It’s not because they don’t want to win or don’t put enough effort into their selection processes, but more often than not it’s because the horse racing betting system they themselves use is weak or flawed.

There is a distinct formula for horse betting that professional bettors use to derive a steady, even full-time, income from horse racing betting. Betting secrets that professionals have spent years developing as well as hiding from the general public. I’ll give you a basic overview of the horse betting process and some tips to help you succeed in punting right from the start.

1.) This may seem pretty standard to you, but if you don’t know anything about horse betting or reading race forms, watch closely. Start by looking at the daily race form. They are available at the track, newsstand, bookstore, or you can just go online. You will need to know some of the basics of reading the racing form because it can make all the difference between a successful and unsuccessful horse bet.

Reading the days race form gives us an overview of all the days events. Which horses will run, which jockeys will run, who is the favorite before betting can begin, what time the races are scheduled for, etc. Reading the racing form is a must if you are serious about making money with horse racing betting.

2.) You want to measure each horse in the field to get an idea of ​​how they have run in their past races, this is called “horse form”. Take a look at their last 3 races, how has each horse fared? What place and time did they finish? Speed ​​data is listed on the race form and you can then compare the horses average speed and position with other horses in the race field.

Also, look at the distance of the last 3 races each horse has run. How are the distances of the horses last race different compared to the current days race? Think of it this way, let’s say a horse has done well in his last 3 800m races, maybe even finished in the money. Now, if the race this horse is running today is 1500m, we will have to be very careful in analyzing the other horses in the field. A change in race distance can be negative as the horse may be a better choice at his previous successful distances. So just because a horse has done well in its last few performances, it doesn’t mean it’s ever guaranteed to win. These are just some basic questions you need to know the answer to before placing bets.

3.) Take an in-depth look at the jockey riding the horse you might be considering betting on. A good jockey can be the difference between a strong finish and your horses potential not being used properly. Take a look at the racing form and see how each jockey stacks up against each other. Some jockeys are ‘young’ in the world of horse racing and may never even have won a race before, while others may be some of the most sought after jockeys in the horse betting league. So be sure to see who is riding each horse in the field, there will usually be some well-known names that stand out above the rest.

4.) Finally, you should look at the favorites in each race. Statistically favorites win 30-40% of the time, so always watch the favorite very carefully. There can also be different levels of favorites. A super favorite can be a horse that looks leagues ahead of the other horses in their particular racing field, but more often than not every race will have several horses that can be considered favorites. When this happens, you need to be even more careful with the selection process. There are ways to make tri-fecta and quinela bets that can cover all your tracks, but that’s a bit more complicated horse betting secrets.

The truth is, there is a distinct formula for consistent winnings with horse racing secrets. Knowing where, when and how to act can make all the difference between a horse betting system that produces consistent results, and one that can produce a winner here or there. Horse betting is gambling, there is no other way to put it. So there will always be some risk, but with a well-disciplined horse racing betting system, you can very easily make steady profits from smart horse betting tactics and take the “gamble” out of the equation completely.

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