Horse Racing: There Is No One Handicap The One-size-fits-all method does everything in racing

Horse Racing: There Is No One Handicap The One-size-fits-all method does everything in racing

Why one and only handicap and profit limitation one size fits all method not working? Isn’t it obvious? The game is too complex with hundreds of variables. Where variables have variables. Take the jockey for example. No two jockeys are exactly alike. No two horses are exactly alike, even if they are twins. No two songs are exactly alike. And you’re trying to find a one size fits all handicap and profit limitation method for everything for all time? You will be looking for a very long time. In competition, you have to accept that most advice is more important than a given method.

A friend of mind has been competing for over 40 years and is still searching for the only method or – your system – who can do anything. No such thing. There is no one method that does it all. Take this advice and stick to it: stop looking for one or one handicap and profit limitation a method that can win any winner in any race at any track. There is a more realistic way to get the most winners in almost any race. But you have to deal with advanced stat handicaps and advanced stats profit limitation methods of finding them.

What would those methods be? The most powerful methods for everyone and everything. There are reasonable and realistic ways and there are unrealistic ways to waste time in races to find the best systems for each thing. On the racing (handicap) side and on the money making side (profit limitation). Why doesn’t a one-size-fits-all method work? Because many search, thinking that there is something new and unknown in racing. Only you don’t know. There is nothing about or in racing that is not known.

Ask yourself these questions:
(1) how is the competition structured?
(2) what is it that allows you to make money on a plan and not on luck?

The key word here is – by design. Players want money but are poor at figuring out what will get it for them. Players trivialize the most powerful information in the game. I’m just wasting years of time.
(1) racing is a business and should be treated like a business or you are out of business.
(2) race basic statistics game.
(3) to make money you need to know the handicap and profit limitation very good. Anything less will not work. It will just be luck and chance. This is partly why there is no single handicap and profit limitation universal method.

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