How do you make it stick forever? Learn how to keep a guy attached to you all the time

How do you make it stick forever? Learn how to keep a guy attached to you all the time

So you feel in love and can’t imagine your life without your special someone? If so, you probably want to know how to keep it around for the long haul.

While there is no magical way to 100% guarantee this, there are some things you can try and concepts you can study to give yourself the best chance of living a long, happy life.

Be independent
The more independent you are, the better off both you and your man will be.

Don’t give up your job, friends or family for your boyfriend. Your life is your own and you should never give up anything important to you for a relationship.

Respect His independence
Just as you feel better when you have a fulfilling and fulfilling life, so does he. Don’t cling to him or whine when he wants to have a life of his own, because what you allow him to do to keep his friendships and life in tact may be what ultimately keeps you together.

Jealousy must go
Nothing can irritate a boy like a jealous, possessive girlfriend who constantly questions and nags.

If you’re acting this way, one of the following is true: 1. You’re the jealous type and always have been, or 2. He’s cheated on you before and you’re afraid it will happen again.

Naturally, the jealous girls out there will be relieved to know there is hope. You are this way because you have an issue to deal with, such as deep insecurity or abandonment issues. Take care of your personal things and don’t take it out on your man.

If he’s cheating, there’s not much you can do to correct his behavior because he caused it and may not be doing much to alleviate it. There’s no sugary way to put it: just move on because it’s guaranteed to only get worse from here.

Let the past be the past
Whatever he has done wrong that you may mention from time to time, let it go.

Whatever you did wrong that you feel guilty about, let it go and make sure he does too.

Couples who hold on to the past and hold grudges against each other never last long.

Don’t make unrealistic demands on him
Sure, you may think the world of him, but he’s a human being, not a perfect Prince Charming. He will make mistakes, so don’t overreact when that happens.

As long as he does his best and treats you well, why demand the world from him?

You don’t have to be perfect
Just as you shouldn’t demand perfection from him, don’t demand it from yourself either.

Women tend to be overly critical of themselves sometimes when they are in a serious relationship. If this sounds like you, relax and embrace your imperfections. Chances are your sweetie doesn’t notice all the little flaws you make. And even if there is, who cares? He still loves you.

And remember: supermodels get divorced every day. Think about this. Physical beauty will not sustain the relationship for long.

Don’t force it
Above all, enjoy the moment and don’t force your relationship into a “forever” image in your mind.

You are with someone you love and that is a blessing that many do not have. So don’t get greedy and just be happy that you are one half of a great couple.

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