How has modern technology changed the visa application process?

How has modern technology changed the visa application process?

How has modern technology changed the visa application process?

With the advancement of new technologies that are coming, the visa application services process is becoming less hectic for the traveler and faster to process. In this article, we tell you how the new modern technology has changed the visa processing procedure nowadays.

Online process
Traditionally, visa application services were performed physically at selected centers of visa processing centers. However, this process was overwhelming and hindered people’s travel. With the introduction of the online visa process, individuals can now access visa processing services from the online platform. They can now submit their applications online and receive constant and prompt updates and alerts on the status of their application. With the online visa application service, the time spent on the entire process is almost halved. Individuals now also have the option to receive direct alerts to their phones or email addresses for additional service fees.

Electronic document management service
With the e-document management service, individuals can now scan and submit the necessary documents for the visa application service, especially if you are applying for a visa online. Not only does the individual applicant understand the requirements of the necessary documents that are required for the application process, he does not have to run to the application center with all the original documents. He will only have to certify and scan them according to the visa application services. These scanned documents will be stored in the electronic form with the application and will be easily used in the near future for any other purposes. This is very useful if you will be applying for multiple entry visas or passport renewals in the near future.

Certification document
Document authentication is a process where a copy of the original document is certified by an internationally approved agency or institute as a mark of authenticity of the documents. In such a process, the original documents can be preserved while a copy can be used for visa application services. Usually during the visa application process it is a long and exhausting process where all the documents will be reviewed and rechecked. In this process, there is a high probability that the documents will be damaged. Thus, in order to be protected, authenticating the copy of the original document is an ideal process for visa processing.

Biometric scanning
When applying for a visa, especially an online visa, you will sometimes be asked to provide your biometrics. This process involves scanning your biometric data such as your fingerprints or retina and this data is stored securely. Because each biometric is unique to each individual, this process ensures that there is no possibility of fraud or identity theft using your data.

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