How many Morningstar Farms patties are allowed on Medifast?

How many Morningstar Farms patties are allowed on Medifast?

If you’re a vegetarian following the Medifast diet or just looking for a little variety in your meal planning, some of your options for your lean and green Medifast meal include meatless patties made by Morningstar Farms. But you might be wondering exactly how many patties Morningstar Farms has on Medifast anyway, right? So let’s look at the guidelines.

First of all, you should know that there are three different brands of vegetarian patties that you can eat when following the Medifast diet. They are Morningstar Farms, Boca Burger and GardenBurger.

For each of these brands, you want to check the nutritional information, as you should choose patties that have less than six grams of carbs each. If none of these brands are available to you, or there are other meatless patties you’d like to try, I think you’d be fine to just follow the same directions, but I’d also try to match the nutritional stats for the approved products when looking another brand.

Your serving size for Morningstar Farms (or other brands) is two patties as part of your lean and green meal. As you can see, the serving is quite generous and this should keep your appetite in check while taking care of your hunger and nutritional needs for the day.

While you won’t be able to enjoy your veggie burgers on a bun since bread isn’t in the plan due to the high carb content, you might want to try some lettuce wraps as a nice alternative. Romaine lettuce is a great wrap, but for a little more crunch, try some iceberg lettuce. Other popular lettuces for making sandwich wraps are red lettuce, butterhead lettuce, radicchio, and large leaf spinach.

To make your lettuce wraps, you can simply cut up the Morningstar Farms Veggie Burgers, add some chopped onions, some cabbage, and heat it all up to spoon into your lettuce wraps. If you eat dairy, consider adding two tablespoons of low-carb dressing for a tasty option. And if you don’t eat dairy, you can cook your veggie patties in two tablespoons of canola oil instead of using nonstick cooking spray. Or stick with the non-stick spray and chop up 5-10 black olives and add them to your lettuce wraps for a great tasting lean and green Medifast meal.

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