How to apply for a 1-year Thailand visa in the UK

How to apply for a 1-year Thailand visa in the UK

How to apply for a 1-year Thailand visa in the UK

The visa allows the holder to travel and formally request entry into the issuing country. Thailand has distributed embassies of the Kingdom of Thailand around the world as the diplomatic agency responsible for receiving and processing visas.

The relevant consulate for the UK is the Royal Thai Embassy London. It is located at 29-30 Queen’s Gate London SW7 5JB and office hours are 9.30am to 12.30pm Monday to Friday. There are also several Thai consulates in the UK that issue visas to Thailand.

Types of visas for Thailand for 1 year

This Thai visa, also known as a non-immigrant visa, allows its holder to travel to Thailand. Valid for multiple entries for a period of one year. The usual purposes recognized by the Thai Embassy are retirement (Type ‘OA’), religious mission (Type ‘R’), visiting relatives (Type ‘O’), media (Type ‘M’), official duties (Type ‘F’ “), research (Type “RS”), work in Thailand (Type “B”) and doing business in Thailand (Type “B”). On the contrary, it is not provided if the purpose of the visit is tourism to seek an opportunity for work or a school where he/she can study or teach.

Thailand visa application for 1 year

The required standard documents are Applying for a visa to Thailand form, valid passport (required validity period depends on type of non-immigrant Thailand visa) and recent photographs. The documents essential for the visa application depend on the purpose of the visit. You may also need to provide proof of the applicant’s financial adequacy, physical and mental fitness and compliance with Thai immigration laws.

If the application for a one-year visa to Thailand is decided in favor of the applicant, a sticker or stamp will be placed on the submitted passport.

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