How to be happy with your penis size – 5 ways to be completely happy with your size

How to be happy with your penis size – 5 ways to be completely happy with your size

How to be happy with your penis size – 5 ways to be completely happy with your size

Guys have been worrying about penis size for decades. The enlargement industry is huge due to so many men wanting to increase the size of their penis. But the truth is, there are legitimate and healthy ways to be completely happy with your size. You are usually bigger than you think, but due to some mistakes and misperceptions, you have developed small penis size syndrome in your mind.

You can use the following tips to become more satisfied with your penis size and not give in to the idea that you are not big enough!

1. Don’t look down when measuring your size. This is almost NEVER mentioned, but it leads to so much frustration and depression about penis size. I remember being told this by some sex and health expert who visited our high school years ago talking to men about sexual problems. When the question of penis size came up, he said that most of us have a much larger penis size than we think.

“The problem is that you guys are looking down when you’re looking at your penis. Well visually it will look smaller than it is. Stand up straight and look in the mirror. You will see how much bigger you really are. But because we’re constantly looking down at our penis, especially when we’re urinating, we have it ingrained in our heads that we’re smaller than we really are because of this very common visual deception.”

2. Get rid of pubic hair around the penis. This is another “visual deception”. We look much bigger without the pubic hair around our body. Hair can actually cover 1/4 to 1/2 of our actual size. It makes a huge difference. Now you don’t have to shave it all off, you can just trim it to the size you need, focusing on removing most of the hair around the base. I remember one girl was shocked when I revealed a freshly cut situation.

“The reason I was shocked was because you looked bigger than the last time we were together. I mean, it was almost like a different penis! Trimming this forest really matters!”

3. Wear boxers over briefs. I’ve been wearing briefs for years. When I undressed, I would sometimes be shocked at how “squished” my penis became after being tightly pressed together by a pair of bikini men’s underwear. It’s like the old saying about “shrinking”. How when you get out of the water your penis naturally gets smaller because of the usually cold water. The penis basically goes into protective mode or “turtle mode” where it tries to shrink to prevent exposure to the elements. When you wear briefs, you force this contraction mode to occur by wrapping a tight garment around your body for extended periods of time. Wearing briefs made a big difference. The penis is able to “breathe” and remains much more natural and as large as possible.

4. Don’t stare at the dudes in the locker room. It could be a very natural or casual thing, noticing other guys and their size in the locker room, but it’s very misleading. Guys who walk around naked are sometimes the ones who want to show off their size. Many times you can’t help but notice if a person is hanging around “their junk”. These are guys who are either naturally big or have done the jelqing exercise, which is a technique to get a bigger penis. After all their work, they want to show off. Don’t get caught up in trying to constantly compare yourself to others.

5. Remember that thickness is king. A lot of guys don’t have a lot of length, but they have some girth or thickness. Girth is actually more important than length according to many women who say they like girth guys better than tall guys during sex. So if you lack length but have girth, you should be very happy.

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