How to check for duplicate content in article marketing

How to check for duplicate content in article marketing

One of the biggest problems anyone new to article marketing faces is whether or not they are generating duplicate content in the article they have created and how they can check for duplicate content when article marketing.

The article marketing process consists of writing articles to submit to article directories. The downside is that all of these sleep article directories require that the documents/articles you submit consist of unique content.

One way to check if your article contains duplicate content or if it is considered unique to the search engine is to first run it through an online plagiarism checker before submitting it to the article directory.

Just typing in any of the terms like plagiarism checker, online plagiarism checker, free plagiarism checker, etc. should return many results.

For me, the plagiarism checker I use has two significant advantages, in addition to checking the content of the article, it also renders the document in a text format friendly for loading in HTML readers of article directories.

I tend to create my documents in Microsoft Word, where unfortunately the formatting doesn’t match some of the article directories.

One way to avoid this annoyance is to copy your article and paste it into Notepad or WordPad, where the default document will be a text style document.

Another option is to write your article in Microsoft Word. Once completed, highlight the article and copy and paste it into the plagiarism checker, which will also convert the document from a word doc to a text document.

As I said, I personally like to use one of the free online plagiarism checkers from Search-Engine-Reports. This particular plagiarism checker is very fast, easy and intuitive to use and does a good job of copying and pasting directly into the text input field. You also have the ability to view a document or enter a website URL.

You simply copy and paste the text you want to check for duplicates into the large Enter text box and click the Generate Report button. Depending on the size of the document you want to check, the length of time it takes to return results is determined.

If upon completion, if the plagiarism checker has not identified any duplicate content. It will show the words:

The content looks original

If on the other hand, if it has identified duplicate content. It will display a list under the heading Results, text that it considers to be duplicate content, you also get the option to see where that duplicate content is located.

There will be times when, through no fault of your own, a plagiarism checker will return results, quite often for common terms and phrases that are widely used, and you’d probably prefer not to change.

After you have written an article and analyzed it through the plagiarism checker. If I get any results back based on duplicate content. I tend to go back to my original article, find the text string shown in the results area, and try to modify it in such a way that it is different from the original, eg swapping the structure or seeing if I can change one or two other words, using the synonyms option in Microsoft Word.

If you take pride in the information you submit to the various article directories and run it through one of the free online plagiarism checker sites, your articles should be accepted.

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