How to choose a secure payment gateway

How to choose a secure payment gateway

A payment gateway is a means by which customers can purchase products or services online. It is an interface between the buyer and the seller. Merchants can choose a secure order form or merchant application to process payments on their websites. The first application redirects customers to a third-party payment service provider or credit card processing company. The latter uses a programming interface that is integrated into the merchant’s website. Does not redirect customers to a third party. However, the most popular method is third-party processing, as customers can trust the well-known players in the market.

It should have certain features to ensure that the customer experience is pleasant and comfortable. If the application is slow and the processing time is long, it can affect the customers. Typically, the customer won’t stay on the site for more than 20 seconds if the app doesn’t load quickly. Also, if the payment gateway is unavailable for a few hours, shows a runtime error, or has downtime issues, then this can act as a deterrent. Here are some of the features that a payment gateway should have. Look for these factors before choosing a service provider.

Payment Gateway interface features

Secure server: It must be reliable. It must use SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption while processing the customer’s payment. This ensures that customers’ personal information is kept confidential and not misused. For example, credit or debit card details, names, addresses, contact details etc. are critical information and should not be sent to other servers. The information should not be accessible to hackers.

Shopping Cart Compatibility: It must be compatible with the shopping cart interface used on the website. It is recommended to check with the technical team or web developer to check compatibility.

24 X 7 Access: Customers can visit a website at any time of the day or night. Unlike a retail store, an online store does not open or close. Buyers can shop at any time. Hence, it is important that the payment gateway is available 24 X 7 for processing payments.

Fraud Prevention Utility: One must have the right tools to protect against fraudulent transactions online. Two of the main fraud prevention tools include the Address Verification System (AVS) and CVV2.

User friendly:It is important that the payment application is easy to use. It doesn’t have to be complicated or complicated. Simple and easy to understand prompts work best. It should immediately give real-time information so that the customer knows whether the transaction has been processed or not.

Speed:The app for making payments should be quick and fast. If the page takes too long to load, the customer may move on to another site and never come back. This means loss of business.

It is important to choose your payment gateway carefully. It should be loaded with the aforementioned features. An app that doesn’t have these features is no good. Don’t compromise on the quality of the payment gateway. It can directly affect the business.

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