How to deal with men who play hard to get! Here are some of the best methods that work well

How to deal with men who play hard to get! Here are some of the best methods that work well

A guy doesn’t answer your phone calls – does that mean he’s just busy or playing hard to reach? Men are used to chasing, but when the tables are turned and women get a dose of their own medicine, how do they cope?

Don’t give in.
Test his resolve by making him wait for your phone call instead of the other way around. So you feel like he’s been ignoring you for the past few days? don’t worry If he’s really attracted to you, he won’t be able to resist the urge to hook up.

Send him a short text message.
If you just want to check if you still have a chance with him, try sending him a message. His answer would pretty much sum up what you expect as an answer. If he responds immediately, it only means that he is very interested. If he doesn’t even bother to text back, then you know what that means!

Show him you’re busy.
Wouldn’t it freak him out if he saw you going out with your girlfriends the same night he went out to see a movie with his friends? This would make him think that you are living your life and that his elusive scheme is not working at all.

Play his game.
When he doesn’t want to call, don’t spend the day waiting. Instead, spend your time on worthwhile things. And when he finally calls you, let his first phone call go straight to your voicemail. That must drive him crazy!

He’s the ice prince, so talk your way into his heart.
A person who plays hard to get can come across as a cold, detached being. Don’t be fooled. If you are really interested in it, get into the role of the great detective. So he won’t talk? Then it’s time to come up with the details without looking too pretentious. To pay attention to him, you need to be an intelligent interlocutor.

Never appear too impatient.
Show him that you care a little bit about him. Let him also see that you still talk to other men and actually enjoy other people’s company.

Analyze his flirting signals.
If a guy doesn’t want to contact you or seems disinterested, it’s time to look at his subtler signals. Does he look at you often? Or does he touch you more often than necessary? If so, he’s quite interested and it’s up to you to use your feminine powers to get him for good!

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