How To Do Magic Card Tricks – How To Perform Out Of This World

How To Do Magic Card Tricks – How To Perform Out Of This World

Growing up, David Blaine was one of my heroes. Some of the tricks he did were just amazing. When I first saw it, I knew I wanted to know how to do magic card tricks. After many years of working as a magician I have learned how to do magic card tricks and I will show you one of my personal favorites summoned from this world.

Out of this world

This is a great trick while waiting for your food at a restaurant or just relaxing at a party. Once this trick is done, it will literally drive people crazy trying to figure out how it was done. And you can just sit there and smile.

What the crowd trick looks like

You hand the deck of cards to a volunteer and tell him to separate the black cards from the red cards by placing them face down on the table without looking at them. Halfway through the trick you tell them to stop. Then you say “you’re starting to guess why don’t we change it up a bit. I want you to put the reds on the black pile and the blacks on the red pile.” Have them finish placing the cards on both piles. Once they are done, tell them to turn both piles over and look through them. Of course, all red and black cards are split.

When I first decided to learn how to do magic card tricks, I learned out of this world. It was so easy I had to share it with you.

  • Start by separating all the reds from the blacks. Place the black cards on top of the red cards. (make sure you do this without your audience watching)
  • Then hand the deck to a spectator and tell him to place all the cards face down on the table, but separate the reds from the blacks without looking at the cards
  • After they have played 24 cards, tell them to stop. At this point they have 24 black cards left because you had all the black cards on top. There will be one more black card left, followed by 25 red cards. Tell them “you’re starting to guess, so we’re going to switch the stacks. Now we’re going to put the reds on the black pile and the blacks on the red pile” take the last black card and place it face up on the red pile saying “here’s your new black pile”. Then take a red card and place it on the black pile saying ” here’s your new red pile”
  • Have them finish placing the cards. After they finish, have them turn the cards over and look at them. If done correctly, the red cards and black cards will be separated.

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