How to EASILY make your penis bigger in just 6 minutes (while you shower!)

How to EASILY make your penis bigger in just 6 minutes (while you shower!)

You get up in the morning and start your usual routine. Part of your normal routine includes taking a shower. Except now you’re just adding one extra step to that part of your routine. While you are taking a shower, you are doing things that will make your penis bigger!

Sounds pretty damn cool, right?

I mean, what man wouldn’t want to add length, girth and more to his penile erection… while in the shower… WITHOUT using crappy tools… and WITHOUT having to take dangerous pills?

Well, that’s entirely possible. The key is to do this with 100% natural penis enlargement.

Natural penis enlargement involves using nothing but your two hands and performing unique exercises on your endowment to improve all aspects of your penis…naturally, consistently and permanently.

Sounds good? Awesome!

I have a beginner routine for you below that you can do the next time you take a shower. The routine is very easy and should only take you six minutes.

Let’s start…

First step – Let your penis warm up. It’s very simple. Since you do these treatments while taking a nice hot shower, warming up your penis is now complete…with the hot shower! Just let the water hit your manhood for about 2 minutes.

Although warming up is very quick and easy, do not, I repeat, DO NOT underestimate the importance of warming up your penis before doing natural male enhancement.

Most men feel that because this type of enlargement is so easy and gentle, warming up is unnecessary. Well, the fact is, yes, this method is gentle, but it is EXTREMELY effective! If you don’t warm up or if you do the method too aggressively, side effects are sure to occur.

Step two – Do the initial stretching exercise. To add length to your erection, this step will do the basic stretching exercise. These types of exercises mimic what DANGEROUS hanging weights do… but without the HORRIBLE side effects!

Well, to do the basic extension exercise, just make an OK sign with your right hand. With your three fingers facing up, place the circle of your OK sign just below the head of the penis. Gently pull your penis without moving your hand for 2 seconds. Now let go. Repeat all steps with your left hand. Do 20 reps with each arm.

Step three – Do the initial fattening exercise. What you are doing here are the basic introductory Jelqing procedures.

By doing this exercise, you will keep your OK sign from the extension workout above. Except this time you’ll place the circle at the BASE of your penis.

Starting at the base of your penis, gently but firmly move your hand to the glans and then release your grip just before reaching the glans. Repeat with the opposite arm and then do 20 repetitions with both arms in a rhythmic motion.

Step four – Finish with 20 PC muscle contractions. The PC muscle is a small muscle between the anus and the testicles. Have you ever tried to make your penis move without using your hands? That weird muscle feeling that’s happening is your PC muscle.

Now, to make contractions, all you have to do is contract that muscle in a “pulsating” rhythm 20 times in 20 seconds. Rest for 20 seconds and then repeat the set 3 times.

It is!

Just remember that by doing these exercises, you want to encourage growth…not force it. It’s important to stay CONSISTENT…but just don’t overdo it.

The above is the basic workout routine for beginners to get started with natural penis enlargement. By following these steps above, you can grow up to an extra inch within 4 months, plus see a noticeable increase in thickness.

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