How to fix bad relations with your neighbors

How to fix bad relations with your neighbors

How to fix bad relations with your neighbors

Do you feel your stomach churn uncomfortably when you step out of the house and see your nemesis next door? Relax. You don’t have to strain yourself to the point of anger. There is still hope for you and your so called enemy.

Peace is precious. You will never be able to breathe easy if someone is staring at you with daggers or vice versa. If you can, try to mend your broken relationship with him or her. You’ll feel a million times better if you do, no matter who’s fault it is. Here are some suggestions on how to reconcile with your “enemy” neighbor.

1. Communicate directly with your neighbor.

It’s better to handle things this way than to resort to talking behind the person’s back, which would make the issue even more confusing. Go to your neighbor’s house and talk to him in a calm manner. Be firm, but also be careful with his feelings. If you don’t feel safe enough because harmful threats have been exchanged, then invite a friend and talk to your neighbor in a safe, public place.

2. If you can’t communicate face-to-face, try other ways.

You don’t have to face your neighbor directly on the first try. You can use voicemail or a written letter. Call your neighbor and talk to him about the problem. You will need their home number for this to work. If you do not, you will need to write a letter to discuss your concern. These options are also good if you’re too busy and your schedule doesn’t match your neighbor’s.

3. An apology may be necessary.

Assess the situation objectively. If your neighbor completely refuses to talk to you, consider the possibility that you really did something wrong. In this case, a sincere apology can soften it. Of course, if after careful analysis you can’t fault anything, then be the bigger person and make the first move.

4. Listen carefully.

There’s no point in communicating if you don’t want to hear your neighbor’s opinion on things. You may hear your neighbor’s side, but that doesn’t mean you’re listening. Lend your ears and hopefully your neighbor will do the same for you.

5. Compromise.

Discuss the situation with the person involved. State your suggestions and ask him for his ideas on how to solve the problem. Try to put yourself in his place and feel what he thinks. Meet half way. Although not all of your needs will be met, the outcome will certainly be much better than your previous situation.

6. Get a solid commitment to cooperation.

Make sure your neighbor agrees with the compromise you both come up with. Don’t forget to thank him for his help. Keep your side of the bargain and continue to live in peace.

7. Strengthen good relationships.

After a truce is reached, it is good to keep the lines of communication open. Try to make friends with your neighbor. Invite him to dinner or invite him as a guest at one of your parties. For all you know, you might have found a new best friend.

It is important to understand that not everything goes well on the first try. You may encounter a few bumps in the road to mending your bad neighbor relationship. Don’t let these bumps put you off. A harmonious relationship is worth every effort.

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