How To Flirt With Women – A Beginner’s Guide

How To Flirt With Women – A Beginner’s Guide

It always amazes me how so many guys are afraid of flirting with women. Flirting with a girl should be fun and exciting for both parties!

Flirting does take some work and practice, but once you learn how to flirt right for your personality, you’ll see your success with women improve astronomically. Here are some tips for beginners on how to flirt.

1. Girls love to flirt
Women, like men, love attention and admiration. “Flirting” is simply a feminine term for the masculine term “pick up.” Girls don’t want to be picked up as it makes them feel objectified, while the term “flirting” has the connotation of something more fun and playful. Flirting is like the way little boys tease little girls to get their attention. Deep down, all women are little girls.

2. Flirt to make her feel good
Most guys go into flirting with the expectation that they will be able to get a girl’s number or secure a date or some other notional measure of success. Try to change your mentality. Say to yourself “I’m flirting with this girl to make her feel good”. If you approach flirting this way, then you’ll make it more about her and less about you. Doing this will make her look like you’re interested in her, not just getting into her pants.

3. Make flirting fun
Do you remember yelling at a girl on the playground the line, “Girls are weak, knock knock em in the creek. Boys are strong, like King Kong’? The answer is that the girl will either chase you around the swings and slippery hills, or at worst, at least talk to you to defend why she’s stronger than you and how nasty little boys are. It’s the same with flirting – it’s just a form of adult fighting. What little boys do on the playground is the basis of the “cheeky and fun” approach to flirting.

4. Start slow and build your confidence
Technology has given us many ways to practice flirting techniques without the need for face-to-face interaction. If you are a shy person, this is a good place to start. Online dating sites, texting, instant messaging, and chat rooms are all ways you can hone your skills on what flirting techniques will work for you. Make sure you’re funny and keep your messages short. It is better to spoil her with short messages that will brighten her day than with a long email that she will never read.

5. Practice, practice, practice
Make every woman you meet (except your family members!) someone you can practice your flirting skills with. Since you now have the attitude that you’re flirting for her benefit, you’ll come across as someone who’s fun to be around, not a jerk. Practice your cheeky smile, wink or new line. Gauge their reaction. If a colleague is offended by one of your lines, then it’s best to drop her from your flirting plan.

6. Control the conversation
When starting your flirting career, it’s important to boost your self-esteem. One way to do this is to make sure you are the one to end the conversation. A typical example: you are in line at the supermarket or the ticket counter and you start flirting with a girl. You get your groceries/tickets paid for and it’s time to move on. Deep down you desperately want to ask for her number. Resist the urge for the first 20 or so times you start flirting with strangers. What you should do is say something like, “It was great meeting you, but I really have to go.” By doing this, you are in control of the interaction and this will build your confidence. There’s nothing worse than getting hung up on asking for her number or having her walk away without saying anything.

Here are some beginner tips for flirting with women. Stay tuned for my other flirting and dating articles.

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