How to get back at your bored girlfriend! These tips will make her like you again

How to get back at your bored girlfriend! These tips will make her like you again

Okay, so you managed to really piss off your girlfriend once again, and this time she was really annoyed.

Your chances of winning her back depend on the nature of your mistakes and how you apologize for them.

Here are some tips on what to do to get out of the dog house:

Avoid clich├ęs, you can do better than flowers

Now is definitely the time to go into emergency boyfriend mode. If you don’t fix this situation quickly, you won’t be a boyfriend at all.

Resist the temptation to take the easy way out here by sending flowers and a card; it’s been done to death and you need to think bigger and think outside the box.

Rethink the relationship

Just because you want to be with your girl doesn’t mean you have the ability to be her boyfriend. She may demand a level of attention and sensitivity from her partner that you cannot give her.

Also, there’s a huge difference between making a universally bad mistake and just being a flawed human being. If she doesn’t accept your simple human flaws and tries to change who you are, watch out. You probably don’t want to restore this connection.

Have a very important and much needed conversation with your girl

Find out directly from her what she is most angry about in the relationship. Was it a mistake you kept repeating? An aspect of your personality that is particularly cruel and difficult for her?

Listen to her carefully and know what you need to fix if you want to stay with this girlfriend. Even if you both break up and your relationship ends forever, becoming a better person will only benefit you.

Address Your Problems and Flaws (Professional)

In the past, when your girlfriend got angry, you were able to disarm her anger temporarily by being silly and sweet; you will make her laugh, you will tickle her to make her laugh even more. In a few days all would be forgiven.

It’s not so easy this time. If you have a womanizing problem, a drinking problem, or something serious enough to seriously threaten your relationship, then you need to address your demons with a therapist and start dealing with them.

Therapy is just one possibility, and it’s worth mentioning because it can be helpful with anything and everything.

The point is that you are trying to fix the parts of you that are messed up and preventing you from having a relationship. The effort you put in will not go unnoticed by your lady and shows that you are dedicated and also how much you have changed.

Be consistent in your self-improvement efforts and keep getting better

Anything related to self-help is very difficult. Don’t make the mistake of assuming you’ll be a better version of yourself in days or weeks; the truth is, it will take much longer.

Because going through something like therapy or a twelve-step program is such hard work, the last thing you want to do after all that sacrifice is give up.

Take her on a romantic trip for two

Sound a little corny? It is so because it is so. But trust me, girls like cheese. It works.

You don’t have to drop an insane amount of money; secluded tropical beaches and five-star resorts are not necessary.

It’s actually perfect if you’re driving together on a road trip because it leaves more opportunities for communication than flying on a plane.

A weekend getaway is all you need. This is your chance to take things to another level; get really romantic and strengthen your relationship with your boyfriend/girlfriend even more.

Remember how good it feels to be on her good side and stay there

You’ve learned (I hope) not to take your girlfriend for granted anymore. It is by no means guaranteed to always be present in your life; as he has proven, he will leave if he feels he has to.

Now you have the tools to keep her, so use them.

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