How to keep a girl interested online? 5 ways to keep her glued to you

How to keep a girl interested online? 5 ways to keep her glued to you

Keeping a girl’s interest is definitely something that most guys would find difficult or downright nerve-wracking. Attracting a woman is one thing, getting her to stay interested in us is another. But of course, this should slow us down in our noble journey of women’s pursuit. Online dating has become such a trend that it now sounds quite normal when we hear couples say that they met and fell in love online. Sounds pretty sweet, right? Back to the problem at hand—how exactly do you keep a girl interested online? Below are some tips on how to keep her glued to you:

  • Stay interesting. Don’t stick to your usual pick up lines and don’t stick to the ordinary. Try to have a conversation that will make her interested in you—let her talk about her hobbies, interests, opinions and beliefs and she will surely feel at ease with you sooner or later. And of course, this is your cue to finally get a little personal with her.
  • Make her like you. Know her desires and from there you have an idea how to win her heart. Talk and listen—this is a great way to get to know someone. Letting her talk about her needs and wants (relationship talk usually comes in this part), her favorite things, ideals, and plans for the future — this is a surefire way to finally get her to like you.
  • Make her talk. Women are very emotionally connected to whatever they do—even online. When they start sharing something about themselves, it already means that they are already comfortable communicating with you. Of course, that doesn’t mean you limit yourself to just saying, “That’s great,” “You’re right,” or “Ugh,” — learn how to strike a balance and share something about yourself as well.
  • Get a little naughty. Try to add some spice in your relationship with her. Don’t just be too simple or plain or keep playing it safe—she can just talk to a librarian or the wall. Learn how to flirt online and master the words—she will definitely have fun, trust me.
  • Ask her to hangout. When things get a little “serious”, why not ask her out on a real date? Give yourself time to hang out and get to know each other more. Finally dating is a big step towards your status and then the real challenge begins. Go ahead and ask her now!

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