How To Make Him Mine Forever – Keep your man with minimal effort and make him yours

How To Make Him Mine Forever – Keep your man with minimal effort and make him yours

It might not be the best analogy, but men are like butterflies. They flit from one flower to another and when they have collected all the fragrance and sweetness, they lose interest and move on to the next attractive flower they see. Many girls know this little fact and can’t calm their paranoia that one day their men’s butterflies will just float away. Here’s how to make your man stay forever.

Trust the song. It works.
“Don’t change your clothes to try to please me…” That’s how it goes. And the boys confirmed that it was true. A fatal mistake girls make is to drastically change a part of themselves in an effort to please their man. These changes are sometimes so overwhelming that one is forced to simply withdraw. If you’re going to change, do it in small ways and hint at it first to make sure your guy is okay with it.

You’re not perfect, so don’t pick on him for his flaws.
While you may be so wrapped up in your own little world and would hate for your man to be less than perfect, remember that a good relationship is based on both the compatibility and uniqueness of each partner. If there are certain things you can’t stand about your man, gently and humorously tell him about it, while making sure he gets the point. Or if you think he deserves a moment to sit down and talk, do it – if he’s resistant to change, understand his issues first. It’s probably not as big of a deal as you make it out to be.

Control those emotions, woman.
Men are meant to be practical and women are meant to be emotional – but this is the truth that drives men crazy and drives them crazy. Jealousy is one of the products of that culprit known as emotions. And when women are jealous, it’s not a pretty sight. Showing your man the jealous monster in you is enough to give him nightmares and leave. If you feel something is wrong, confront it without making it feel so much like a confrontation. And unfortunately, don’t run the plumbing.

Get out of your way.
Guys may not say much but they appreciate the little things you do considering the way the world is where they do the courting and women just sit pretty. Cooking for him may be a daily routine, but cooking his favorite, even when you’ve had a hard day at work, tells him how much you appreciate being with him. Or choosing him over your friends even though you planned a girls’ night out a few weeks ago because he’s depressed and his dog died. It doesn’t spoil it when you keep the balance in mind all the time.

Don’t let yourself go.
And that’s the balance we’re talking about. While you may feel like the best girlfriend in the world and wish you could make a career out of taking care of your big boyfriend, you also need to brace yourself and remember that you have a life separate from your relationship. Keep in touch with friends and family and always make time for yourself. Guys lose interest, no matter how much you give them, when they see that you’ve let yourself go and are no longer the attractive sex kitten you used to be.

Whatever you do, honesty will always be the only policy.
It’s the life and blood of any healthy relationship—and we’re talking forever here. Mutual honesty is important to keeping your relationship alive. Encourage open communication between you and your man and subtly train him to tell you anything, absolutely anything, when he needs to. That way, he won’t have an excuse to run off to someone else when it’s so easy for him to talk to you.

Accept the fact: He will always be a man.
Don’t try to change the things your guy loves – Super Bowl Sundays with the boys, lazing around in front of the TV on the weekends, his obsession with expensive figurines and toys, and his fascination with Playboy magazines. That’s who he was before and when you met him, and there’s no point in trying to change that unless you have a good reason.

If it doesn’t hurt the relationship, leave it. He doesn’t bother telling you that you’re spending too much time in the shower or that your obsession with expensive makeup is on the rise, so why tease him about his Star Wars addiction? These are the things that make each of you unique, and if you plan on being together forever, you’re going to have to accept those things about each other, because they’re also the same things that make you two great together.

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