How to make your man submit to your will? 7 Ways You Can Make Him Do What You Want

How to make your man submit to your will? 7 Ways You Can Make Him Do What You Want

Don’t think you’re unusual if you’re the type of woman who wants to bend her man to her will. Most women really enjoy this type of power over a man, as the feeling of making him do whatever she wants is exhilarating to say the least. Here are a few ways you can make it smudge in your hands.

Be encouraging and supportive
First of all, if you are the cold, critical or assertive type of woman, he will become resentful and stubborn. Instead, being the supportive and encouraging type will get you results in no time. Once he knows you are there for him, he will want to make you so happy and do what you want.

Stick to your rules and don’t bend
Tell him right from the start that you will not be harassed in any way. Tell him that you have opinions and you want him to respect you enough by giving in to them as well. If you go out of your way to make him happy and content, then he should do the same.

Hold on when it comes to sex
Don’t be too lenient and pamper him, especially when it comes to sex. If he doesn’t treat you right and is selfish in every way, then you need to hold back when it comes to sex and tell him in no uncertain terms that he will only get what he wants when he does what you want first!

Make him feel guilty
If you keep him completely satisfied and happy with your charm and make yourself completely irresistible to him, then he will do anything to make you happy and you will have no problem bending him to your will. Make him feel guilty for not doing what you want and he will feel uneasy until he does!

Bribe your guy in a subtle way
Don’t let him know, but bribe him in a subtle way. You can adopt a contrived manner and make it do whatever you want. Whisper in his ear that you have something exciting planned for him in your bedroom as soon as he finishes washing up! Let your body language speak for you.

A little tact will go a long way
Don’t be pushy or bossy when you ask him to do something for you. He’ll hate being ordered around. Use soft tones and have a sweet manner that will make him happy to do whatever you want. If you make your requests sound like requests and polite requests, he won’t feel so bad!

Act as if he took the initiative
You can be clever and pretend that he was so wonderful that he thought of doing something specific for you! That way, he’ll believe he thought of it in the first place and congratulate himself for making you so happy. Don’t forget to be extremely grateful and give him his reward – lots of kisses and hugs.

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