How to properly put a greeting card in an envelope

How to properly put a greeting card in an envelope

Until someone recently asked me if there was a proper way to put a greeting card in an envelope, it hadn’t occurred to me that it wasn’t common knowledge. Except when I receive a greeting card that is not placed correctly. Then it’s just a passing thought before you read the message and admire the beautiful artwork on the card.

Have you ever thought about it? Did you know there is a correct way to put a card in an envelope? If not, you’ll be glad to know that you don’t have to think too much to present your greeting card in the best possible way. Once you get the right way, because it makes so much sense, it will quickly become very natural to you.

First, your card must be face up when opened. I know many people think the front (face) should be facing the front of the envelope like they would wrap a gift. The exact opposite is true. The card should be beautiful, front facing, facing the opening of the envelope, so the recipient can enjoy the card before even taking it out.

Second, the card must be placed in the envelope so that it is not only face up, but ready to be opened and read. If the card has a side fold, opens from the side, the card fold must go into the envelope first. The recipient of the card will turn the envelope so that the flap of the envelope is right side up, open the flap, slide the greeting card out, and be able to look at the front of the card without having to turn it over first.

If the greeting card you are sending opens from the bottom, the fold should reach the top of the envelope. Slide your greeting card into the envelope with the hole facing in or to the bottom of the envelope. Of course, the front of the card should still be facing up towards the opening of the envelope. Since we tend to open an envelope with the flap facing us vertically, the recipient will have to turn the card a quarter turn to read it.

While properly placing your greeting card in an envelope may go unnoticed by the recipient of the card, a misplaced card is likely to be noticed. Since it’s so easy to make and remember how, why not present your card so it’s adorable before it even leaves the envelope?

As a handmade card maker, it’s just the final step in putting a smile on someone’s face by letting them know they’ve been thinking of them that day.

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