How to run your country

How to run your country

I agree with the concept that a person’s “condition” is the same as their energy level. To be able to manage your state, you must first be aware of what energy level you are at.

If you feel helpless, overwhelmed, overwhelmed with grief, lethargic, sick, depressed, or just down, then you are operating at a low energy level. If you are happy, positively joyful, loving, compassionate, thankful, appreciative, then chances are you are operating at a higher energy frequency.

There are questions you should ask yourself to find out what state you are in at any given moment:

1) How you feel is the first question you should ask yourself.
2) What words do you use to talk to people? Are they positive, encouraging words, or are you just complaining and whining about your own situation?
3) What are you currently focusing on? Are you focused on the blessings you have or something you lack? Is the glass almost empty or slightly full?
4) Is your breath shallow or deep and strong?
5) Are you standing up straight with your shoulders back and your head up? Or are your shoulders hunched, your face looking down, and avoiding eye contact?

If you are operating at a low energy level, then the fastest way to change your state is with your body. Get up and stand up. Breathe deeply. Take a walk. Enjoy the moment. Focus on something else, like nature or your dog. I drink water. Then, when you’ve done that, change the words you use to describe your situation. Use words that emphasize the positive. You can then change your environment. For example, go to an inspirational event, or to church, or to the park, or to a coffee shop, or listen to positive music or a tape with a motivational speaker. If you don’t want to go anywhere, change what you’re doing.

Do something that will make you feel good, such as a walk, run, or exercise, or read something positive, or write down an inspiring thought, or something that will be a positive distraction for you. If your number one goal is to feel good now and do something to feel better in the future, then change your state. Do this by changing your body (this is the fastest way), your words, your focus and/or your environment. Try any or all of them and see how it resonates with you.

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