How to start a billboard installation business – tips and strategies

How to start a billboard installation business – tips and strategies

When you start a realtor sign installation business, you have access to a wide variety of potential business sources from residential to commercial to vacant land. You will also need to establish the geographic area that you can reliably cover.

When considering how to start a brokerage sign installation business, the first consideration should be organizing the production of sign materials. To print custom logos and colors, you will need to make arrangements with a silk screen printing company. This is a specialized process where the pattern is created on a fabric with a resist material, then the ink is pressed through several color passes. You’ll also want to arrange to store the finished signs in a covered dry area with dividers to protect their surface when not in use.

The signs themselves are almost universally mounted on standard four-by-four Douglas Fir construction posts, with the exception of larger commercial real estate signs, which may sometimes require four-by-six posts. Lettering plywood shall be plywood with an external adhesive and a smooth PTS “stopped and sanded” surface on both sides. A half-inch thickness should be sufficient for most applications.

You will need a good knowledge of the area to pinpoint the location of the signs. A GPS unit comes in handy here, and you’ll also want to be able to read county Assessor plat maps if you’re going to be putting up signs on vacant land. You’ll also need to check local sign ordinances in developed areas. Know the restrictions on placing signs in gated communities, within homeowner association-controlled complexes, and in all areas with covenants, conditions and restrictions (CCRs), such as planned apartment buildings or townhomes.

You must also have reliable transportation, consisting of a full-size pickup truck with wood splitting fixtures made to secure standard yard signs during transportation.

Once your production capacity and storage arrangements are in place but not yet activated, you need to secure your accounts. In addition to marketing to conventional real estate offices, you’ll also want to pursue REO (real estate owned) bank divisions that need to liquidate foreclosed holdings and independent agencies that wholesale foreclosures.

Determine your pricing and service by comparing with sign companies in areas adjacent to your service area. A big part of your marketing will be making personal contacts with real estate office managers in your area. Be presentable, persistent, cordial and businesslike. These people need to know they can trust you to quickly and reliably put up and take down their signs.

Almost any business today can benefit from an online marketing presence. A digital camera can provide you with promotional photos for your website, and templates are available online to simplify the process of setting up your site. Be sure to include a call to action on each page to encourage your visitors to request an email rating. Also get their name and phone number on your online form so you can follow up with them. The forms can be found by searching online for response forms.

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