How to start a Duck Decoy collection

How to start a Duck Decoy collection

Have you ever wondered how to start a duck decoy collection but don’t know where to start? Look no further, this article will explain the principles behind the hobby of collecting duck decoys and start your collection today!

The Story Behind Duck Decoys:

Native Americans used cattails, reeds, and other aquatic plants to disguise floating decoys to lure ducks for the kill. Ducks were an important game bird for early Americans. Native Americans set up their home camps around ponds, lakes, and rivers so they would have a duck hunting area nearby.

The duck decoy was a necessary aid in attracting birds close enough to hunt with a bow, spear or net. Archaeologists have found dozens of ancient duck decoys in caves that date back thousands of years.

Where to buy duck decoys:

Online websites offer a great place to start a duck decoy collection. They offer a relaxed shopping experience with a wide variety and easy delivery options.

Auction websites are another good idea for where to buy duck decoys. You will find vintage duck decoys that are considered antique folk art. Handmade wooden duck decoys would add value to your collection.

Be on the lookout for:

Check your local game laws before using duck decoys to make sure they are legal in your state. The key to a successful duck decoy collection is to choose decoys that depict the live ducks in the area you hunt. Ducks have keen eyesight, so it’s important that your decoys are lifelike. Male ducks usually have more colorful feathers than females.

Low water conditions and changing weather patterns have been blamed for dismal duck hunting seasons. Die-hard hunters who would never stoop to electronic decoys in the past are trying tech toys. These battery powered duck decoys create real movement, inviting the duck to come in front of you. You operate the duck decoy with a remote control.

Some lures are banned as unsporting, so be forewarned before taking yours to the water. With their realistic flapping wings, your duck decoy may be in danger of being shot!

Legal in most states is the Wing Magic Decoy. You place the magic wing pattern on a post where you want to draw the wild ducks. A string is attached to the wings, which when pulled creates a flapping and splashing motion. Ducks are falling for this left and right.

When the shooting begins, the ducks are careful to fly close to land. The Wing Magic Decoy gives them a false sense of security seeing other ducks, and BAM!

Good luck starting your duck decoy collection. John James Audubon’s last words were, “You go by the Long Pond side, Billy. I’ll go this way and we’ll get the ducks!’

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