How to Start a Gospel Record Company

How to Start a Gospel Record Company

Starting your own gospel record label may be easier than you ever dreamed. The definition of a record company is an organization that records and produces media in the form of CDs or other recording formats. When your band has created their first CD and successfully sold at least one copy, then you have become the minimalist form of a record company. But what if you want to take the whole process a little further? Following the simple tips in this article can put you in competition with the major label giants faster than you can imagine.

Choosing the right name is important, especially for a gospel record company. Independent gospel record labels are recognized by their names, and some of the more successful labels state exactly what the purpose of the music produced by the label is. One successful independent gospel record label is Redeemed Soul. With a catchy name that beckons right to the point, there’s no doubt in the minds of music fans what type of music will be on this company’s records. Similar independent record labels such as Christian Records and Bought Records have achieved similar success.

Once you have a name for your gospel record label, you need to make it official. File the proper paperwork in your state for a Fictitious Name Declaration or Declaration of Doing Business As. This little piece of paper will do a few things to help you on your way to successfully owning an independent record label. First, it makes your identity yours so no one can come in and take it away. It also gives you the ability to accept payments in the name of the record company, which means increased trust in the world of music recordings. Also, having an official name for your record label will open many doors for the further success of your label.

Beware of accidentally breaking the law. We’re all excited when we embark on a new project, and starting your own record label is no different. Unfortunately, you could end up paying hefty fines if you don’t take the time to learn the local laws for your area. You may need to obtain a business license, a retailer’s license and a tax identification number. If you’re required to have these things and you’re running your record label without them, you could be in dire straits. Being accused of tax evasion or other crimes looks bad for any record label, but it can be sudden death for an independent record label.

Now that you have a name, the know-how, and the legal issues all involved, you can begin the fun part of owning your own independent record label. This is the point where you need to promote your label, sign new talent, and collect the profits from your labor. Promoting your label both online and in the real world is absolutely essential to being successful as a record label owner. Fortunately, much of the time you spend promoting your label can also be combined with the time you spend scouting for new talent.

Visit local churches that have praise groups or choirs. Mention that you have a gospel record label looking for new talent. Many times church praise band members are musicians looking to advance their music careers by finding a record label. Sign a favorite local church musician to your gospel record label, and you can bet that the people who come on Sunday mornings to hear her sing will be the same people who buy her first CD released by your label. By visiting several local congregations, you can quickly expand both your talent base and your customer base within a few weeks.

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