How to travel with books – advantages and disadvantages of travel books

How to travel with books – advantages and disadvantages of travel books

Is it necessary to purchase a travelogue or is it realistic to obtain similar information from other sources? Usually, most people have a serious question about buying a travel book. So, here are the pros and cons of buying such a book.

Advantages of the travel book

A travel book, which can be a paperback or an e-book, is useful while traveling. Browsing a travel book allows you to understand the customs and culture of a particular place in the world. So you can adapt to that particular environment and stay there comfortably for longer periods.

  1. They are useful — The guide is available in a variety of formats, such as e-books, paperbacks and file formats. You can easily access these books which will help you with all the details compatible with the region you are traveling to.
  2. They provide tremendous information — Electronic or traditional travel guides give you answers to all kinds of questions, such as how to learn some proverbs that can be used in the place you are traveling to? How to get data on where to live, what to see and where to eat? How do you get a clear idea of ​​the history of a region or the atmosphere it has?
  3. They meet your requirements — To access complete information about a specific country or region, both general and specific passports are available. An e-book can easily fit in your e-book reader, while a paperback can fit in your backpack.

Disadvantages of Travel Book

  1. The price — E-books and paperback guides are very expensive compared to information obtained from travel websites or from people who have moved or traveled to that region.
  2. Quality images in travelogues — Most travel books are black and white. Only a few e-books consist of color photos. Therefore, do a thorough revision before purchasing a travel guide or e-book.
  3. Travel books make travel less natural — Travel can be made more spontaneous by getting suggestions from locals rather than travelogues.


Browsing travel books is essential while planning a trip. At the same time, never fail to review the pros and cons to make the trip the most memorable.

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