How to use Pops a Dent effectively.

How to use Pops a Dent effectively.

Okay, so you’ve just bought Ding King’s As Seen on TV Pops-a-dent or Twist a dent and tried using it. You may even have repaired the damage a bit, but usually the results of the repair are less than respectable. How can we achieve better results? Allow me to reveal some great information on how to make more effective use of the dent removal kit you purchased.

This is additional information to use as you follow the steps provided in the kit.

1. Turn on the glue gun and insert a stick of glue into it.

2. Determine the dent impact area.

3. Look for high ridges, or “frowns”.

4. If there are any frowns or high edges, you should gently pat them down, moving around the higher area, patting in succession.

5. Once you’ve reduced the high areas, you can then address the low area (recess).

6. Using the solution provided along with a soft cloth (diaper cloth, retail cloth) rub the damaged area you plan to tape until you feel the cloth “grab” a little. The wax should be gone by now.

7. Apply glue to the tab (carefully hot!) and apply to the damage (start at the impact area).

8. Set up the dent puller.

9. Check that the glue is set by touching the exposed glue that has poured out of the side of the tab. If it no longer sticks to your finger but is sticky, it’s done.

10. Use the dent removal tool.

11. Use a solution to remove excess glue.

12. Touch up any high areas you may have caused.

13. Continue this process until the dent is removed.

This is pretty much the same process I use with an industry-specific kit that I use on a daily basis. I estimate I use my glue dent remover on a third of the cars I work on daily.

Good luck!

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