How to use your Solia Professional Ceramic Ion Iron

How to use your Solia Professional Ceramic Ion Iron

Press Solia will give you the straightest, shiniest and most beautifully smooth hair. The Solia iron’s ceramic/tourmaline plates not only distribute heat evenly, the Solia Dynamic Alignment System helps ensure perfect contact between your hair and the plates. Here are some tips for using your Solia hair straightener.

First, decide which temperature is best for your hair: a lower setting is best if your hair is bleached, brittle or damaged; use a higher setting if your hair is coarse or thick. If you’re not sure what heat setting to use on your Solia ceramic straightener, you should try a lower setting first: it’s much easier to re-do your hair with a higher temperature than to repair heat damage. The Solia Ceramic Hair Straightener comes with an easy-to-use temperature control that can be set from 140F to 450F.

Then turn it on and wait for the Solia iron to reach the desired temperature. Do not use the hair straightener until it reaches the correct temperature. You won’t have to wait long, all types of Solia ceramic irons heat up in about 30 seconds.

Dry your hair thoroughly with a towel and pat it smooth and into a bun. This will help keep it soft and manageable.

Blow dry your hair: Your hair must be completely dry before using your Solia straightener.

Use hair oils or a smoothing serum to protect your hair. Flat irons, like hair dryers, expose your hair to high temperatures that can cause hair damage. Using a good quality serum will protect it and it really is a false economy to buy a quality Solia press but use a low quality hair serum. Most hair protectors are applied to perfectly dry hair before using a flat iron. Read the manufacturer’s instructions and follow them.

Now you can start using your Solia ceramic iron. The most popular Solia flat irons are available in 1 1/4″ or 1 3/4″ plate widths. It doesn’t matter what size plates or what model of Solia flat iron you use, the principles remain the same. Start by pulling the hair up about halfway around your head and pin the top layers to the side to reveal the hair underneath.

Draw a thin strip of your hair across the plates. Use parting clips if you have them. Divide your hair into sections no wider than the Solia iron’s heating plates and straighten sections no thicker than half the width of your heating plates. By working with small sections and slices, you can apply the heat evenly and quickly get the straightness you want.

Never stop halfway when using your Solia iron. You always have to keep the plates moving. If you stop at a section of hair, you risk heat damage.

Straightening the back of your hair can be difficult. There is no easy solution; practice makes perfect. However, it may help if you place two mirrors diagonally so that you can see the back of your head. Remove the trimmed sections from your hair. Start at the bottom of your head – the neck or nape area and gradually move to the crown.

Finally, don’t use your Solia ceramic straightener every day – the more you use, the more you expose your hair to high temperatures, thus causing heat damage. Once mastered, your hair should stay straight, shiny and beautiful for days.

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