How your business can benefit from a DS3 T3 line

How your business can benefit from a DS3 T3 line

Before you begin to describe the advantages for your business of using the D3 line, it would be great to put to rest the main controversy surrounding the D3 line; i.e. the D3 line is the same as the E3 line. They are as different as they sound. Not only their suffixes are different, but also their architecture and the back-end technology they use. Although people find similarities between the two communication technologies, their similarities end at the fact that they are basically communication channels suitable for different business purposes.

The technology behind the DS3 T3 line

The DS3 T3 line is a private line that is dedicated to your field and area of ​​work (read: business) and nothing else like what you might have heard during the T3 vs E3 line comparison. DS3 is a relatively new technology that uses dedicated optical networks and can relay, transmit and receive data that has a very high bandwidth without any time delay, which is the problem with other transmission lines (they face power loss and therefore should be weakened from time to time). Thus, fiber optic lines can support very high bandwidth and can seamlessly collect both audio and video signals (given that your business will need both).

The basic transmission of a human voice has a bit rate of 64 kbps, but when there are hundreds of thousands of these voices, the demand for bit rate, more specifically the demand for bandwidth, grows quite high. And nothing else can support demand better than fiber lines with a dedicated DS3 line at your disposal. Businesses around the world are using cost-cutting measures, and this is more evident after the recent wave of recession. One important cost-cutting measure involves the use of real-time video conferencing instead of organizing a meeting in another part of the world with delegates (travel costs and time invested are the main considerations).

For the benefit of your business

The key technology everywhere today is the transmission of “live feeds” of images along with high-definition audio and video – hence the distribution of HD content on the Internet and elsewhere. It is obvious that the better the technology, the faster you will be able to satisfy your customer’s demands and requirements; needless to say, providing a service will also be quite helpful. After considering all the growing demands for a better and faster communication channel, the DS3 T3 lines were conceived. The fact is that the bandwidth supported by DS3 lines is so high that even HD live streaming can be done seamlessly without overloading the communication channels – this leaves you with other options to expand your business and use the remaining bandwidth for other communication purposes. If you are still unsure about the optimal use of technology, you can always seek help from a web service provider who will help you get a good deal and also offer a good one as per your business level.

Getting the fastest lines won’t do you any good unless you have such high volumes of business to handle – so get one that makes your production and service cost effective at the same time.

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