Infatuation with nunchucks

Infatuation with nunchucks

Infatuation with nunchucks

Is the nunchuk simply a pair of hardwood sticks connected by a chain or rope and used as a weapon? No, not only that. It represents art, passion and history!

The nunchucks can be quickly transferred between the arms, between the legs, under the arms and behind the head, in multiple attack/defense moves. It clicks into the target at high speed due to the enlarged lever arm.

If you see Lee Barden demonstrate the swinging and spinning of nunchucks with finesse and ease, you may immediately become fascinated with nunchucks. You can really feel how passionate the nunchuck can be that Nokia came out with their ad showing a Bruce Lee lookalike playing ping pong with nunchucks.

Nunchaks would have remained almost unknown to the world if a few great masters like Bruce Lee had not shown their fascinating use in martial arts movies like Feast of Fury, Enter the Dragon, etc. farmers to protect themselves from oppressive Japanese government officials and local theft and robbery. Nunchaks are believed to be a modified version of the tails used to break rice seeds to separate the rice from the husks.

I practice karate myself and find nunchaku quite easy to learn and practice. As with most hand weapons used in martial arts, they integrate easily with the body, allowing for a fluid dance that makes it most sensual.

What gives it an advantage is that the rope or chain link of the nunchuks makes it flexible to strike from unexpected angles, and its quick and ambiguous movement easily distracts the opponent. It is quite effective in close range combat. But it is very difficult to control. Give a knife/sword/stick etc. that has not touched him before, but he will be able to fatally strike an unarmed person with this cupid. Give nunchucks and the person will most likely get hurt!!

There are different varieties of nunchucks like wooden nunchucks, steel nunchucks, foam nunchucks, glowing nunchucks. Dunaprene nunchucks are intended for beginners, because during training one can even hit the skull, joints and sensitive organs, which can be fatal if these are wooden or steel nunchucks.

Practicing nunchaku will increase hand speed, coordination of body movement with mind and concentration. For non-enthusiasts, I describe a few basic nunchaku steps:

– Front and back shoulder pass

– Straight and diagonal back pass

-Neck submission, forearm submission, leg submission

– Waist restraints, leg restraints and shoulder restraints

– Spins, flips and rolls.

Some recent martial arts streams mix nunchuck moves with other punches and block moves. The easiest way to learn is to get a foam nunchuk and start using free video tutorials available on YouTube, ExpertVillage, etc. At least that’s how I learned and I guess it was pretty easy and quick to learn and pretty interesting to practice.

Due to its ease of construction and use, the nunchaku has become one of the most popular martial arts weapons in use today. But few countries have banned its possession. So just check your local government regulations before you can choose steel or wooden nunchucks. You can always contact some nunchaku associations like the World Nunchaku Association (WNA), ITNA, etc., for further input and information.

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