Integrate your supply management software with SCT Banner for maximum efficiency

Integrate your supply management software with SCT Banner for maximum efficiency

Enterprise resource planning tools are used not only by private industry, but also by colleges and universities to manage their financial, human resources, and other business-critical systems. SCT Banner is one such application designed to help colleges and universities manage their business functions. One area that this ERP tool does not pay much attention to is the purchasing process.

Of course, you can create an online request, but the entire process may be too cumbersome for most end users. SCT Banner is very strong in general ledger management and other financial functions, but like most ERP systems, it does not create a user-friendly purchasing process. This is where third-party procurement management software integration can help.

Unfortunately, when these institutions purchase an ERP solution, the organization decides that the best supply management plan is to keep the manual process on paper. This is becoming a standard practice that many schools tend to use so they can keep the purchasing cycle relatively simple. But when you do, the whole process becomes extremely inefficient and cumbersome.

SunGard Higher Ed has an integrated partner that can now deliver a best-in-class solution that can solve this problem. Not only can the entire purchasing cycle be more streamlined and efficient, but it is integrated across touchpoints to ensure business rules such as budget verification are enforced.

By using e-procurement with SCT Banner integration, you win in the following areas:

  1. A user-friendly, query-based interface that can be accessed from any Internet browser.
  2. A controlled approval process that can easily mimic current business rules.
  3. Online front-end portal to access catalogs of preferred suppliers
  4. Budget verification during the request stage and full encumbrance during the purchase order stage
  5. Electronic purchase orders sent directly to suppliers

In summary, if your organization is challenged with an inefficient paper supply process and you are using the SCT Banner solution, an integrated supply management software application is the way to go. Your organization’s purchasing process will run more smoothly, and with automatic budget verification, the entire e-procurement cycle can become much more efficient.

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