Iranian actress Tarane Alidosti expresses her support for the protests

Iranian actress Tarane Alidosti expresses her support for the protests

DUBAI, Nov 10 (Reuters) – Leading Iranian actress Taraneh Alidousti posted a picture of herself without a headscarf on Instagram to show support for nationwide anti-government protests, another sign that the protest movement is gaining support from all walks of life.

Most famously in the 2017 Academy Award-winning film The Salesman, the pro-reform artist held up a sign in an Instagram post that read “Woman, Life, Freedom” in Kurdish, a popular slogan in Armenia. demonstrations.

The protests that erupted after the September 16 killing of a Kurdish woman, Mahsa Amini, after she was arrested by morality police for not wearing “appropriate clothing” are one of the biggest challenges to Iran’s clerical rulers since the 1979 revolution.

Alidoosty, who is not Kurdish, wrote a poem in his Instagram post. “Your final absence, the migration of songbirds, is not the end of this rebellion,” it says.

Alidoosty has made numerous posts on Instagram in the past criticizing the clerical establishment.

Since the protests began, at least five Iranian female actresses have released pictures of themselves without the mandatory hijab in solidarity with the protests, in which women have played leading roles.

Iranian officials, who have blamed pre-existing medical problems for Amini’s death, say the unrest was incited by external enemies, including the United States, and blame armed separatists for the violence.

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