Is immigration reform necessary in the US?

Is immigration reform necessary in the US?

Is immigration reform necessary in the US?

The United States is the first choice for international students and employees seeking higher education and better opportunities. Although the US is a great place to take your education and career to new heights, one of the biggest problems you face is getting an immigrant visa. Foreign students and new employees face difficulties as their visas are routinely refused for no apparent reason. This has become a source of anxiety for many who dream of continuing their studies at one of the most prestigious colleges in the United States and finding a job.

The United States: a center of talent and prestige
The USA is known to have some of the best colleges and universities offering the best in terms of education, resources and facilities to international students. This is the reason why most students strive to get admission so that they can have a new direction in life. There are ample opportunities for growth with a degree from an American university; this includes not only job opportunities but also income potential. In addition to excellence in education, the United States offers plenty of job opportunities for international talent, and the country ensures fairness in employment and pay standards. As well as the benefits afforded to international students and staff, there is no denying the potential to add diversity in talent and skills to the workforce as the limited number available increases. For example, H-1B visas prohibit a very small number of actual employees relative to the number of applicants. The question is, can the US afford to turn away applicants when employers need and are willing to hire them to grow? With the current rejection of so many visa applications, however, both for international students and potential employees, the potential for growth and increased wealth of the US economy has reached a crisis point. A change in immigration law is needed to allow international talent into the country, not only to take advantage of what the US has to offer, but also to ensure a rich and diverse talent pool for a stagnant economy.

A call for reform
Today’s younger generation has a lot to offer; however, with hundreds of international visa denials, we are doing this generation a disservice. Changes need to be made to immigration laws so that budding talent can make their way and find new opportunities.

There is an urgent need to increase the cap on international students and employees so that talented professionals can be retained in the US. To incorporate these changes, it is essential to reform immigration laws.

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