Is there no perfection? – Forgiving God, others and self

Is there no perfection? – Forgiving God, others and self

Forgiveness is the key to unlocking the doors to understanding the reality of things. However, being perfectly forgiving is more elusive, if almost impossible. If we think about it and observe the world, it seems that there is no perfection anywhere. We can also extend this understanding to the universe itself. The suns are burning. Stars explode. Planets are dying.

If there is no perfection in us, why should we forgive others, including ourselves and the Creator? However, it is very important to forgive those who we feel have disappointed or offended us in some way. That’s why it’s important to practice forgiveness. Then can we have the opportunity to forgive ourselves for letting others down as well.

This concept also applies to the Supreme who strives or evolves to become perfect. God is in a perpetual state of forgiveness as well as overcoming limitations – understanding and implementing changes – monitoring and correcting.

Then the greatest forgiveness is to God, Whom we can blame for allowing us to become vulnerable to attacks and many challenges of existence such as physical or mental illness, problems with people including those at work, friends and in our family too. And finally, the incursions of nature – extremes in time and the like. And so on.

God’s IMPERFECTION is PERFECTION. If we accept this idea, then we are on our way to understanding. If we are not satisfied with this conclusion, it means that we are still on the same wavelength with God. Just like us, God wants peace, love and beauty in everything. But we all create obstacles on the way to perfection. Then it’s done. a plan in perpetual motion – never finished, always striving.

If there is no perfection in the universe, neither with This or Who made me, how then can we have faith in a God like this? Isn’t he/she better than us? Yes, better, because of a small detail. The Goddess is in a state of continuous, in every moment, forgiveness. In this state, there is no need for the term, because forgiveness always remains a fact. So our only solution is to forgive God as well, thus helping the Imperfect to become Perfect – which will never be. This is the mystery and the challenge for us as well.

Let’s start anew by forgiving ourselves, others and especially God becauseā€¦

Perfection is an ideal
Hard won
No one can deny
Although never perfect
It’s always best to try
Let’s forgive ourselves, God too
And everyone else.

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