Jelqing – How many repetitions per day for penis enlargement?

Jelqing – How many repetitions per day for penis enlargement?

Jelqing is the exercise that guys do to enlarge their penis. The “jelqs” implementation consists of the following:

  • Erecting your penis 50-60% erection (not full erection, just partial).
  • Lubricating the penis (there’s something called “dry jelqing” that doesn’t use lubricant, but you should always lubricate when you start).
  • Hits or jelqs. They consist of using a hand (one hand at a time) and slowly and controlled stroking of the penis from the base to the head.

A common question when doing jelqs is “how many repetitions per day should I do jelqing for penis enlargement”?

This varies depending on the routine you follow, but one way to do it is to use the following method of jelqs per day:

Part of being good at jelqing and gaining size is starting out slow and easy. You want to relax, learn the technique and get used to doing the exercise.

Try 50 jelq a day for the first week. This may pass quickly, but what it does do is ease your mind and body into doing jelqs. You’re basically training the first week, which is good. Doing too many jelqs in the beginning, and you’ll burn yourself out.

In the second week, if you feel you still need more practice with the technique, continue with the 50 a day scheme. If you feel you are improving, you can go up to 100.

The third week and subsequent weeks increase by 50. So week 3 you should do 100-150, week 4 150-200 and so on.

In the end, you can stay on the mark of 250-300 per day. From here you can start incorporating some other techniques like stretching.

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