KFC Germany apologizes for Kristallnacht-related “treat yourself” chicken ad

KFC Germany apologizes for Kristallnacht-related “treat yourself” chicken ad

(JTA:) — The German branch of international fast-food chain KFC apologized to customers Wednesday for sending an ad related to the anniversary of Kristallnacht, the night of Nazi-led anti-Semitic riots that led to the mass killing of Jews during the Holocaust.

“This is the day of remembrance of Kristallnacht. Treat yourself to a little more cheese on your crispy chicken.” – KFC Germany said in the initial push notification message to customersin German, promoting his “KFCheese”.

A short time later, the thread sent the following note: The company blamed “an error in our system” in the message.

Germany celebrates the anniversary of Kristallnacht. “night of broken glass” seriously though the germans do not call the event by that name. Commemorations and discussions are held across the country on November 9-10 each year to address the persecution of Jews by Nazi Germany.

The response to KFC’s “mistake” was swift. Daniel Sugarman, Director of Public Affairs, Council of British Jewish Deputies, He tweeted that the promotion was “absolutely disgusting”. Arsen Ostrovsky, head of the pro-Israel legal group International Legal Forum, said “Totally speechless and repulsed.”

Meanwhile, another German institution has come under fire this year for the Kristallnacht controversy. Goethe Institute Israel, the Israeli site of the German Language and Cultural Center, rescheduled a scheduled panel discussion On the “Holocaust, Nakba and the German culture of memory”, scheduled for the anniversary of the violence. “Nakba” is the general Palestinian term for the mass displacement and death that accompanied the state of Israel. 1948 War of Independence.

Israel’s Foreign Ministry criticized the Goethe Institute for linking the Holocaust to the founding of the state of Israel on the anniversary of Kristallnacht, calling it “a cynical and manipulative attempt to blatantly cheapen the Holocaust and create a connection, the whole purpose of which is: defame Israel.’

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