Lawn Scarification – A scarifier, rake and aerator are not the same thing

Lawn Scarification – A scarifier, rake and aerator are not the same thing

What is a scarifier? First, let’s clarify what lawn chartering entails and dispel the notion held by some that a trimmer, aerator, and rake are the same thing. Rakes do what their name suggests, while aerators perforate the surface of the lawn to release air. However, scarifiers remove harmful thatch that can literally suffocate your lawn. Knowing how to scarify a lawn is a key skill for anyone who takes pride in their greensword – milling a lawn is easy with the right equipment.

What does lawn scarification involve?

To understand why grass scarification is so important, we need to understand thatch. In a healthy lawn, it is normal to find several millimeters of dead plant mass among the living green shoots. But when the lawn is left untended and this thatch accumulates, possibly until it is inches thick, it will soon impede air flow and prevent the growth of healthy vertical grass shoots. Before you know it, your once beautiful lawn is a sad shadow of its former self.

Amazing effects on lawns that have not been scarified for some time

Lawn scarification is a recognized technique that can help transform a dull lawn into a new and beautiful garden accent. On a lawn that has not been regularly scarified, treatment with a quality scarifier will usually remove a mass of unwanted material; even though it looks like the lawn is torn up, that’s actually good. The grass will soon recover and the grass will sprout again with renewed vigor. If this happens to you, you won’t be the first person to be amazed by the transformation.

Which scarifier for my lawn?

A scarifier is a lawnmower-like device used to scarify lawns; it is designed to remove thatch from the lawn and collect it for disposal. Using a machine is much easier than traditional manual scarifying with a Springbok hand rake. It’s also more efficient, which is good news if your pride and joy is more than the size of a pocket handkerchief! Scarifiers are either petrol or electric, with similar pros and cons to lawnmowers: weight; power differences; need for cables; complexity; and suitability for freezing lawns in damp or wet conditions. For many buyers, their choice will be driven by their preference for power over other garden equipment.

How scarifying lawns can help you care for them

With your new machine, you’ll learn how to use a scarifier in minutes. Regular scarification avoids the accumulation of thatch and inhibits the growth of unwanted weeds and creeping grasses. There’s no great mystery to knowing how to scarify a lawn: with the right scarifier, it’s easy to regularly mow the lawn with two or three passes from different directions – with the trimmer blades set slightly lower each time for maximum effect.

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