Learn Tarot – The Significator Card in Tarot Readings

Learn Tarot – The Significator Card in Tarot Readings

In Tarot, the significator card (also sometimes called the “significator card”) serves as a representation of someone or something in your current life. In most cases, people use the significator card to represent themselves. In this regard, the significator card is the central figure or question posed during a tarot reading. This is done by including a person’s significator card as a specific key card in the tarot. As a key card, the significator represents the person or central issue that is read with the surrounding cards related to it.

The beauty of Tarot Significator cards is their ability to help the Tarot reader stay focused on a specific person or issue during a Tarot reading. Essentially, they ensure that the tarot reading stays on course. In most tarot readings, the significators are placed centrally in the tarot spread. This helps the tarot reader identify the main challenges facing the subject.

Significator cards can also influence the design or pattern of a tarot. Depending on the needs of the subject, tarot readers will often include spreads that are quite specific in nature. Significator cards play an important role in determining the type of spread a tarot reader will choose to use during a tarot reading.

Significators are usually identified by one’s astrological connection to the tarot cards. Both the major arcana and court cards have astrological associations. It’s really up to the individual to choose their personal preferences. Major arcana cards tend to focus on developmental stages in a person’s life, while court cards focus on personality types and physical attributes. In general, most people prefer to work with court maps because they are more descriptive in nature.

When dealing with court cards, age can also play an important role. As a general rule, court cards can represent different ages. The pages are related to children and adolescents. Knights are associated with young adults. And queens and kings mate with mature adults. Obviously, there is great flexibility in identifying significator maps based on chronological age. Take, for example, an old man in his 50s who still acts like a teenager.

The most important thing to remember when identifying a significator is your personal associations with it. Significators are truly tools for the tarot reader. After all, they are there to deepen the tarot reading experience.

Astrological Associations of the Major Arcana

• The Fool: Uranus
• The Magician: Mercury
•High Priestess: Luna
•The Empress: Venus
•The Emperor: Aries
•The Hierophant: Taurus
•The lovers: Gemini
•Chariot: Cancer
•Strength: Leo
•The Hermit: Virgo
•Wheel of Fortune: Jupiter
•Justice: Libra
•The Hanged Man: Neptune
•Death: Scorpio
•Temperance: Sagittarius
•The Devil: Capricorn
• The Tower: Mars
•The star: Aquarius
•Moon: Pisces
• The sun: Sun
•Verdict: Pluto
•The world: Saturn

Astrological associations of court charts

•Aries: King of Wands
•Taurus: Queen of Pentacles
• Gemini: Knight of Swords
•Cancer: King of Cups
•Leo: Queen of Wands
•Virgo: Knight of Pentacles
•Libra: King of Swords
•Scorpio: Queen of Cups
•Sagittarius: Knight of wands
•Capricorn: King of Pentacles
•Aquarius: Queen of Swords
•Pisces: Knight of Cups

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