Lice – you’ll never try on hats the same way again

Lice – you’ll never try on hats the same way again

So you see that great rack of hats at your local retailer and they look so inviting. These racks usually have bright, multi-colored hats and a variety of styles, and there always seems to be a handy mirror to try them on.

A marketing company interested in the rise of head lice infestation could not come up with a more effective way to spread these blood-sucking parasites. While all these hats may look appealing, the fact is, you don’t know who tried them on before you. While the chances of actually contracting pediculosis or a case of head lice from a hat in the store are slim, it’s still a risk.

Headlice can live for several days on an inanimate object such as a hat, scarf or hairbrush. This means that if a person with lice tried on these hats, the chance of contracting lice by modeling those same hats is very high.

Symptoms of head lice infestation

* Tickling sensation on the scalp

* A general feeling that your hair can move ever so slightly

* Itching caused by lice bites so they can get your blood for food

Diagnosis of head invasion

Although they are small, the head is easily detected by looking carefully through the hair near the scalp. Lice can often be mistaken for dandruff, but they are usually not removed or sloughed off. Lice are about the size of half a grain of rice and are grayish-whitish in color.

Another thing to look for are nits, which are lice eggs. They will be located very close to the scalp and will look like bumps on individual hair follicles. It is very difficult to remove it before treatment.

The best place to check for an infestation is in the hair just behind the ear and on the neckline. Simply use a pencil or other wooden tool to move the hair against its natural position. This bends the hair, making it easier to see the presence of lice.

How to treat lice

There are many treatment options if you find yourself dealing with a case of headaches. These treatment options include the use of insecticide-based shampoos, natural antiseptic essential oils, and even a few strange suggestions posted on the web. Visit the link below for more information on the pros and cons of each of these treatment options.

If nothing else, you’ll enjoy exploring some of the crazy ideas that some have come up with that work to get rid of lice.

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