Limitless Wonders of the Imagination – A Therapy for Aging

Limitless Wonders of the Imagination – A Therapy for Aging

Many older people look to drugs and therapies to preserve their youth. There is one that seems to be overlooked by many who offer suggestions for maintaining youth. Remember when you were growing up and your imagination seemed limitless? Remember the creation of all kinds of fantasies that lead to adventures and landscapes full of wonder. Do not forget to discover, sometimes alone, sometimes with friends, new games, dramas, worlds that lead you along the paths of amazing and unusual adventures.

Your imagination was the source. That part of your brain that had to be called upon to remember world geography, biological identifications, math equations, language rules in school every week went on frequent vacations to wonderlands of incredible creativity and wonder. Inspiration came through a cowboy western, a fictional space exploration, an idea that popped off the screen or a book you were reading or a play you saw.

Now, all these years later, where has that imagination gone? How did the imagination find a substitute for boredom? Why is distraction not allowed to take over? When do we allow ourselves the magic of walking down paths without knowing where they lead?

Obviously, we are not all left with a deficit of imagination. Old people still write amazingly amazing novels. Some people tinker in their basements, garages, workshops or garden houses to come up with all sorts of remarkable innovations, discoveries, changes to things and nature.

Look wherever you go to give your imagination free rein. Instead of a workshop, why not call it a “workshop” that will take you on journeys of unpredictable discovery. Equip your ship with everything you need for the trip. Get on board and head in the desired direction. Perhaps you, like many other explorers, will lead us to new lands and wonders.

Imagination is not just for the young; it’s an anti-aging therapy. It is easily accessible even if it is disabled and restricted. After all, the only limits are your imagination. Ditch the excuses for procrastination, challenge yourself to “get out and play” today at whatever your imagination tempts. Bring home your discoveries, your stories, your curious adventures. Share them with others whose imaginations are just waiting for the spark to get them going. You will find that whatever may have held you back is now forgotten and your imagination has healed your reluctance. Sharpen it, use it, exercise it until it is as strong as your physical muscles, as capable as you desire.

Keep your “workship” ready for the next trip. Upon your return, share your magical retirement excursion with others. Mix your stories with testimonies of how much more lively everyday life can be.

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