Main features of a marriage visa in Thailand

Main features of a marriage visa in Thailand

Introduction to Thailand Marriage Visa

The marriage visa for Thailand falls under the “O” category for non-immigrants. This is ideal for those who are married to Thai citizens and plan to stay in Thailand. Obviously, this type of visa has many advantages for interracial marriages.

Thai marriage visa


One of the main advantages of the Thailand marriage visa is the simplicity of its requirements. To be eligible, the following criteria must be met:

A. Married to a Thai citizen
B. No criminal record
C. Monthly income that amounts to 40,000 baht or a deposit of 400,000 baht in a bank account There are two ways to meet the financial requirements

a. Opening a bank account in Thailand and depositing 400,000 baht two (2) months before going to the country is one of the most effective ways to comply with financial prerogatives
b. Another option is to provide evidence that the foreign spouse has a 40,000 baht monthly income or pension. One simply needs to obtain a certificate, present it at the local Thai embassy and request an affidavit. The embassy may also require you to submit other documents before you release the affidavit.

Once the couple is eligible for a visa, they can start applying. They should prepare the following:

A. Copies of passports
B. Application Form. This must be fully completed and signed
C. Photos of the couple taken at their home in Thailand
D. Marriage contract and other documents that would prove their marriage
E. Proof of Thai citizenship. The Thai spouse must show that he or she is indeed a Thai citizen. Birth certificates, census records and related documents must be submitted
F. Bank statements, tax records and supporting documents that would demonstrate their financial resources are also required

The application process

The process of applying for a marriage visa in Thailand is done in three simple steps.

A. Gathering the required documents – Prepare the above documents. Make a list to make sure every record and paper is provided
B. Complete the Application Form – Avoid delays by completing the application form. Answer applicable questions
C. Pay the Fees – Pay the relevant transaction fees required by the Thai Embassy or Consulate. Be sure to have a personal copy of the receipt
D. Send the application to the embassy – Familiarize yourself with the procedures for applying for a visa. It can be mailed or delivered in person. These are, of course, subject to the discretion or preference of the embassy or consulate. Visit the websites of your local Thai embassy or consulate to save time and effort.

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